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  1. 1. pewter on white obey calligraphy tee 2. dont care 3. l-r-g 4. kelly green is tha new ish bish
  2. man i used to have this black hoodie that i used to bomb in back in the day. shit was so fucking tight. it was like a L size fit but the hood itself was way oversize, so like when i put my hood up it hung way down low like over my face and shit. damnit i want that hoodie back. don't remember where i bought it either. i think i lost it when i moved or something. if anyone can help me find somethin like this let me know. fuck a regular hoodie. oversize hoodies are rock hard.
  3. deft

    Graffiti Fonts

    well your not going to make a good font because its impossible. the whole point of a good handstyle is how you let the letters work together almost as one in the word that your trying to write. but since a font is based on perfecting single characters at a time it will never be perfect.
  4. deft

    Graffiti Fonts

    i dont think its that bad.
  5. the black clouds background on that last flick is thug nasty...
  6. there is only one crew where i live that i know of, and they dont bomb hardcore, only hardcore bombers are independent writers, they just do fr8s and tags :( FCK - freight car killers
  7. deft

    i dont know

    bump. good stuff... ^^^^^^^^
  8. http://www.bubbrubb.com/ ^--if you havn't seen the whistle tip video yet, go to that site and to the left you can DL the video, its funny as fuck anyway here are my submissions..... http://people.clemson.edu/~jcarlto/bubbrubb.gif'> http://people.clemson.edu/~jcarlto/bubbrubb4.gif'>
  9. www.kidrobot.com they're a rip off. mez's one with the gas mask is only 17.95 but still....
  10. it's lightwave or maya for sure....which one i forget
  11. just did a fill in and a threw thowies tonight, 42 degrees according to the CitiBank LCD lol....rusto with stocks/fats all the way
  12. deft


    http://http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400242988_010P.jpg'> yes. http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400242989_001P.jpg'> oh yes. and if you don't mind me asking wtf is that guy in the top right hand corner of that second pic?!
  13. deft


    here is my shitty contribution to this thread...old ass scans by the way... http://people.clemson.edu/~jcarlto/throwie1.jpg'> http://people.clemson.edu/~jcarlto/throwie2.jpg'> edit: fixing the x's
  14. deft


    )EIB( aka bad company is hella sick
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