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  1. thats it!! the excuse i've been looking for!! roller blading made me a graffiti artist
  2. spacepope...that's the dopest fuckin name. just wanted to say that
  3. grink is named after the character in the dr. seuss christ-maz story, the grink who stole x-maz. grink is a super special tip you put on your can, it's a fuckin trip what it does though. every time you paint a piece with a grink, your shit comes out fuckin red and white striped, and then a cat in a hat shows up and writes all kinda twisted rhymes all over your piece. the grink is very hard to find, in my lifetime i have only seen it for sale in 2 different places. luckily, before he died, the real dr. seuss mailed me 3 grinks. if you are interested, e-mail me, and i will sell you one for $500, non-negotiable.
  4. Maz One


    yeah, i'm under dickhead, cross referenced with asshole and motherfuckin prick.
  5. Maz One


    let me check my white pages directory of graffiti artists. i will get back to you with a list of all "cases" that existed before you...as well as their addresses, numbers, and real names.
  6. Maz One


    as far as i am concerned, if there were 6 other cases or whatever, and you wanted to write Case 7, that would be alright. if it was me, i wouldnt want to be anything other than the first, but that's just me.
  7. Maz One


    it's the point that the name is already taken. by you deciding to write that name, you are dissing the other case, not showing respect to your history, and also tryin to ride the coattails of his fame he carved out for himself. that would be like me deciding that now i am going to write Daim and fuck anyone who thinks i shouldn't because the other Daim doesn't live in the USA so it's cool. the whole number system was invented, from what i understand, due to people tryin to bite names. case would be, respectively, case 1. at the very least, you should consider possibly being case 9 or something like that, cuz i'm sure about 8 other people have decided to be case. the only other way i can explain it is like in sports when a team retires a number of a player. forever on that team, no one else can play with that number. the number is their identity. your writer's name is your identity. don't pattern yourself after someone else's name, be yourself kid
  8. i'm not a cop. i state that on my site. i state that on here. i have a graff site because i have love for graff and i think it's time to preserve our artwork in a forum where the art won't be buffed. i know plenty of "big time" writers, most of them i am good friends with. i have met several cats over the past few years who i have helped out by showcasing their work on my site. i have street credibility, so i'm not too worried if you think i'm a cop or even "mad suspect". yes, the chief of la declared war, so what? i had my site up and runnin before he was even here. enjoy my site for what it is, i have never asked anyone on here for personal info or even to meet up with me. i have an open offer to true graff artists who want to send me flics, i will post them up. i don't need to meet people through this site, i meet plenty of writers on my own in real life. and while we're at it, i think you're a cop, making blatant accusations like that.
  9. "Put all your trust in the LORDs"...i like that. that would be dope to see
  10. Maz One


    don't get distracted by the graff groupies. that's my tip of the day
  11. ^^ think this is for real? i want to believe it, but i see dude only has a few posts and it makes me sketchy thinkin it might be a pig. underground christian artists, huh? WWJD? i don't think jesus would support graffiti, since it involves the destruction of property. if jesus was alive today, he would be the dopest graff artist out there, cuz he could just walk out on the water and hit bridge pillars, rocks, anything.
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