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  1. I know themo painted this. But i cant read it. Can some professional graffiti reader/analyzer help me out.
  2. Damn stie went big. Made that pepe look small.
  3. Whoever he is he blatantly went over something of mine that was runnin for 2 years. Toys try n get cheap fame by startin beef wit people they don't even kno. Mission starts soon.
  4. If some kid sezer is on here I suggest you pm me.
  5. They just did it last night, that's why u didn't see it yesterday,
  6. Just seen the illest distort ever highway wise on 287. So fresh. And sapien did his thing too.
  7. Rip hoop and define. Hoop looks like a sasquatch or those cavemen on the geico commercial.
  8. There's no 3D. 3D has been a key part of a writer's peice or burner or throwie for decades. I don't dig the no 3d ish. Jus sayin.
  9. Don't say shit like that. And if you are serious you didn't really say it with any respect at all.
  10. Cat girl playin the guitar, real hip hop. Siiikkeee
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