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  1. Yo wassup my mad graffazzzz.....been out the game for a minute. SHit has been mad hot in Bismarck. My crew still gets mad props though. Me and my boy flicked all these bombs on our flick mission the other day. Im gonna have a video on ebay comin out soon. SHits only gonna be 15 bucks wit flicks of naked bitchezzz. Ill holla back later wit da detailz. For now keep benchin and keep it on the DL, and fuck da cops. Yo,,, i was feelin this bomb. After seein this, I knew I was gonna be hittin up pleasure time, by the end of my flick mission. If anyone has flicks of this bomb with out that sign in front of it, hit me up. This freight train has been in my yard for over a 8 months now, but that fuckin signs dead beat in the middle. Talk about needin some pussy, me and boy hit this shit up for a minute. My boys bitch was mad expensive and mad fat. I told him its just more cushion for the pushin. ya heard. I didnt know if I was gonna flick this bomb, but i was feelin the 'Y' more than 'E', The "Y" reminded me of some old school shit, somehow the "E" was workin with the "Y" so it still looked tight. THere was some really wack shit by euro writers on the other side of this freight. FUck all euro taggerz,,, stay off our trainz. (get your own) My boy threw me 18 bucks for gas to keep the flick mission alive. I went in to pay while he rolled up a phat stash. THis pawn shop is fuckin wak. We rolled through it lookin for paint, but they didnt have shit. Dont waste your time tryin to come up on krylon here. We were gonna flick the bombs behind this fence. But my boy got his pants caught in the barbwire tryin to hop this shit. This bomb was tight, even though its not that wildstyle. I know that euro taggers be bitin this guy, cuz they cant come up with shit on they own. They know where tagging came from. They know. I was all high and shit flickin this bomb, and a bird almost flew right into me. I could feel it breeze right by my head. This was just straight fucked. As I was flickin this bomb, I noticed it said "stay off drugs". And I was just tellin my boy how it took me like 10 minutes to figure out what it said cuz I was so blazed. The flick mission almost ended when the cops rolled up while i flickin this bomb. I just hid my camera and kept walkin. They know better than to fuck with us. This bomb wasnt all that, but it was better than wack ass euro train shit. My flicked this shit cuz he told me SP is from new york. I looked in my the art of getting over when i got home. Im not sure if this is the same tagger. If it is then it must be mad old. The flare is original on this tag. I respect taggers who know the basics. SOme wak ass tagger tried to spot jock my boy. But real taggers recognize real. The flick mission was movin along, but we were mad hungry so we stopped by Mcee Dees. My boy threw down 18 bucks on food for us. We got a bunch of bigmacs and shit for the yard later. Just after we left mcee dees a rail spike in the yard popped my tire. We rolled to this spot and my boy threw down some cash to fix it. Im gonna pay him back on friday, when i get pizzzaid. WHile we were at da gas station I saw this dumpster that was all tagged up. THis guy has got tags alll over downtown here. This one goes out to all the west side homies Im feelin the swirls on the outer edge of the bomb, plus the tag is tight. My crew is schoolin this tagger. He went to NYC last year. the flick mission wasnt over until me and my boy hit up da liquor store to mix a few hardliners on the way to go burn up a few freights. we got to the spot to burn up some freights, but there wasnt shit there but some old roundie extendos, so we said fuck it. We just got blazed and talked about the pleasure time bitches and the popped tire. Just before leavin, we hit up tagz all over the large silver box inside our spot. The railroad workers finally quit paintin over out tagz.
  2. Wassup my mad graffaz !!! Took a little trip to the NYC over the summer with my boy dankee-D. We met up with some freight bombers from brooklyn who took us around the city to show us some freight writers city bombs. Here are some of the flicks we got....Ill post more later. Im headed off to rack up on some paint and smoke a phat hash blunt. Peace. I saw these guys up on a bunch of freights in the Man Hattan district. Its dope how in New York the freight writers do bombs in the city too, this guy had shit everywhere in Man Hattan. Never heard of him until I went to NYC though. I couldnt read this bomb, but this dog had mad ups on the freights out there. I flicked these tags just before flicking some freights a few blocks away, im gonna post the freights later tonight. THis bomb was tight, I dont know if he paints freights though, he probably does though because there were a whole bunch of freight yards in da area. this wack ass bitch got in the way of my flick. My boy bout fucked him up, but the fool took off runnin. Ive seen mad tags by this dog runnin through North Dakota, some good , some bad. It was cool to see him representin on the streets though. I almost got arrested takin this flick, the store owner almost got me busted, He called the cops when i showed up to take the flick, next time i go out to NY im gonna fuck that fool up. THis one is dope, The new york writers we met were saying how he was the NYC freight king back in the early nineties. I only saw one of his freights while I was out there though. This yard looked dope, but the local bombers said it was hot, so we didnt fuck wit it. sorry about the wack angle on this flick. it was boxed up between other fr8z. This guy had tons of bombs up in this yard, and on the streets out there. If anyone knows him, hit me up with his email or something. I think he must live close by to where I was staying because he had tags all up inside the apartment building and shit. THis woulda made for a dope ass flick, but that fuckin pole got right in my way and ruined the flick. It fuckin sucks that out of all the places for that pole to be, it had to be smack dab in the middle of that bomb.
  3. everything looks dope,,, the page bomb could use thicker shades for the background, cuz the train is light and faded.
  4. internet chumps all u fools who are hatin about my boy throwin up advice are wak. You should take constructive criticism wherever you can get it, dont bite the hand that feeds you. Plus, I never seen any other dims bombz in my yard. All you fools need to spend less time on the internet and more time throwin up bombz.
  5. http://www.fototime.com/{A2DC8E14-DB9F-43CE-A51A-C5EE56EB6519}/picture.JPG'> yo,,,one day i seen like 20 of this dudes tags in my yard. http://www.fototime.com/{9CCFC425-A602-467B-88E4-94C25CA681C7}/picture.JPG'> i couldnt make out what this bomb says...if ne 1 knows who this is e-mail me. or a shout. http://www.fototime.com/{0FF7B1E9-9C07-40AD-8193-21026B1CEF44}/picture.JPG'> this bomb is so old. it sucks that this train had to get rebuilt and painted over with new digitz. http://www.fototime.com/{11938B69-443B-4530-AF7A-8F3CF0C0CB36}/picture.JPG'> damn, there was bombs running across the whole car on the other side of this from downtown new york city but i couldnt catch flix of it. http://www.fototime.com/{CDFA4953-604E-492F-BA8E-B7A6E84A7F51}/picture.JPG'> i accidentally chased this guy out of my yard one nite and he left 12 cans behind. if anyone has his e-mail address tell me and i need to get his cans back to him. http://www.fototime.com/{E59901E3-7AFF-481B-B556-10437450BEA3}/picture.JPG'> my boy got all fucked up one nigt on two tabs. He knew the bomb was phat but said it could use additional spraying. DONT CONFUSE constructive criticism with disrespect for art on the rails. http://www.fototime.com/{E9FF0917-41B5-4F7B-924D-5141EE946BF3}/picture.JPG'> this bomb was ripe... but already got hit with the digitz. even tho the bomb is dead it will live on with respect. peace to CRED and all the train bomberz who have been disrespected by the the rail workerz.
  6. smell doc martin ??? What the fuck u tryin to say. All I gotta say is 90% of the bombs in this post suck. for real.
  7. Yo, a few of those bombs are oldies from my crew. Its dope to see some shit from North Dakota up in this bitch !!! That old shit is str8 wak though. TTD 2004, trains get tagged, fools get jacked, ya heard.
  8. that incho bomb is tight... I remember my crew did an Incho bomb a while back, but is was all flowy with more colors. Just a little bit more styled out like.
  9. Im feelin the third bomb down from the top, nice colors.
  10. TTD blowin up spotz, son!!! yo,,, whats up to all my mad graffaz out there....... i been out the game for a minute, but i been gettin buzy lately. My crew blew up like 10 fr8 trainz the other night......When I went back the next day only this one was there. If anyone knows how you can find out where your trainz go hit me up, cuz i gotta get flicks of all the other shit my crew did that night. peace....... madskillz@hotmail.com
  11. damn,,, Im feelin the green pieces on the short boxcar that are all in the clouds and bustin up !
  12. I havent even peeped this shit in mad long,,,, but thats dope you shoutin out..........Yea my crew has been stayin busy. We blew up like 10 freight trains the other night. Ill get my boy to throw that shit up on here when i get a chance. His new stuff is real tight. Ill be out in portland next month, hopefully ill have time to hit up some bombz. peace. X-TA-C madskills@hotmail.com
  13. all this shit is dope ! im feelin the second one down from the top !
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