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  1. Yo wassup my mad graffazzzz.....been out the game for a minute. SHit has been mad hot in Bismarck. My crew still gets mad props though. Me and my boy flicked all these bombs on our flick mission the other day. Im gonna have a video on ebay comin out soon. SHits only gonna be 15 bucks wit flicks of naked bitchezzz. Ill holla back later wit da detailz. For now keep benchin and keep it on the DL, and fuck da cops. Yo,,, i was feelin this bomb. After seein this, I knew I was gonna be hittin up pleasure time, by the end of my flick mission. If anyone has flicks
  2. Wassup my mad graffaz !!! Took a little trip to the NYC over the summer with my boy dankee-D. We met up with some freight bombers from brooklyn who took us around the city to show us some freight writers city bombs. Here are some of the flicks we got....Ill post more later. Im headed off to rack up on some paint and smoke a phat hash blunt. Peace. I saw these guys up on a bunch of freights in the Man Hattan district. Its dope how in New York the freight writers do bombs in the city too, this guy had shit everywhere in Man Hattan. Never heard of him until I went to NYC though.
  3. everything looks dope,,, the page bomb could use thicker shades for the background, cuz the train is light and faded.
  4. internet chumps all u fools who are hatin about my boy throwin up advice are wak. You should take constructive criticism wherever you can get it, dont bite the hand that feeds you. Plus, I never seen any other dims bombz in my yard. All you fools need to spend less time on the internet and more time throwin up bombz.
  5. http://www.fototime.com/{A2DC8E14-DB9F-43CE-A51A-C5EE56EB6519}/picture.JPG'> yo,,,one day i seen like 20 of this dudes tags in my yard. http://www.fototime.com/{9CCFC425-A602-467B-88E4-94C25CA681C7}/picture.JPG'> i couldnt make out what this bomb says...if ne 1 knows who this is e-mail me. or a shout. http://www.fototime.com/{0FF7B1E9-9C07-40AD-8193-21026B1CEF44}/picture.JPG'> this bomb is so old. it sucks that this train had to get rebuilt and painted over with new digitz. http://www.fototime.com/{11938B69-443B-4530-AF7A-8F3CF0C0CB36}/picture.JP
  6. smell doc martin ??? What the fuck u tryin to say. All I gotta say is 90% of the bombs in this post suck. for real.
  7. Yo, a few of those bombs are oldies from my crew. Its dope to see some shit from North Dakota up in this bitch !!! That old shit is str8 wak though. TTD 2004, trains get tagged, fools get jacked, ya heard.
  8. that incho bomb is tight... I remember my crew did an Incho bomb a while back, but is was all flowy with more colors. Just a little bit more styled out like.
  9. Im feelin the third bomb down from the top, nice colors.
  10. TTD blowin up spotz, son!!! yo,,, whats up to all my mad graffaz out there....... i been out the game for a minute, but i been gettin buzy lately. My crew blew up like 10 fr8 trainz the other night......When I went back the next day only this one was there. If anyone knows how you can find out where your trainz go hit me up, cuz i gotta get flicks of all the other shit my crew did that night. peace....... madskillz@hotmail.com
  11. damn,,, Im feelin the green pieces on the short boxcar that are all in the clouds and bustin up !
  12. I havent even peeped this shit in mad long,,,, but thats dope you shoutin out..........Yea my crew has been stayin busy. We blew up like 10 freight trains the other night. Ill get my boy to throw that shit up on here when i get a chance. His new stuff is real tight. Ill be out in portland next month, hopefully ill have time to hit up some bombz. peace. X-TA-C madskills@hotmail.com
  13. all this shit is dope ! im feelin the second one down from the top !
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