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  1. Joker-I wont be around in June, I will be out there from mid July till August. About three weeks, Its too bad im going to miss the show, I would have liked to have gone. Oh well. Thanks again for the tips.
  2. ^well im a young lady traveling by myself so I may skip amsterdam. I havent really made any plans, i just bought a ticket to london cuz that was the cheapest ticket i could find, and i prbly will only spend a day there and head out. I figured i would just see what other people had to say, because ive never been out of the US. Thanks people.
  3. So I am going to go to Europe this summer- London, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain.... What cities, places should I not miss. I've never been so I wanna do it up. Let me know your fav. places.
  4. stepping on sharp objects sucks. when i was in school i took a 3d class, we had to weld this metal a little thinner than a hanger into a sculpture thing, left that shit on my floor went to sleep, get up the next morn. stepped right on the end, shit went about 2 inches into my foot, not cool. never went to the hospital tho, i dont like shots.
  5. ^^haha..wait did you see them in an interview about that new show they are gonna be on...they are sitting with the family in alabama and they say something about walmart, and paris goes "whats wal mart, a place where you get wall stuff" hahaha oh man, too funny.
  6. I took Celexa for about a year or so, then last winter when I tried to get off the shit, I felt so awful, I have honestly never felt so shitty. Now I def. dont want to take any of that shit ever again, so im just a miserable piece of shit. yayyyyy
  7. I was too busy fighting with some dumb fucking drunk dude that was behind me, he was crying about how i got in front of him, so i missed chunks of the atmosphere set. how you gonna fight with a girl thats shorter than you, sayin you cant see. then some dumb girl that got up on stage was next to me tryin to talk in my ear. anyways the show was okay. brother ali was dope as usual. the GLU tour was better.
  8. ^^^I lived around the corner from a wok n roll, really funny. Also around the corner was happy fresh tortillas, really funny.
  9. sadangry

    25th Hour

    I loved this movie so much, the second I put down the book, I put the DVD in. Effyou-the book is pretty much word for word with the movie. Except the last page, I cant really remember exactly tho.
  10. Hey Fryre can you hook me up with that? I cant seem to get Soul Seek to work. AIM: TORELLO448
  11. ^^^hahaha. Seriously that girl acts like a srtaight up pig, no class what-so-ever. She is just trash. You know im not into girls being all high maintnence(sp) but shes just gnarly.
  12. I would loooooove to punch christina in the face over and over again. She has a little hispanic in her, but back in the day she used to deny that shit. Now like someone else her said, she is b/c it will sell her records. Bitches fake tan is out of control. Some trashy girls are hot, shes just fuckin beat, along with the awards show.
  13. People were cleared out of the trains shortly after the outage, ppl should have been painting the shit outta the trains/tunnels. I had to walk so fucking far out in brooklyn from the city, with my family from out of town. shit was fucked up, we walked for like 3 hours or some shit. Walking over the manhattan bridge with a thousand other people on the main road while everything was pitch black, and subway cars stopped on the tracks....it was a pretty cool experience.
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