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son of sam

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  1. I'll tell you what I don't take. An I.D. and a huge backpack full of a ton of shit. I do bring a cyanide pill in case the fuzz catches up. THEM BASTARDS WILL NEVER GET ME ALIVE!!!!
  2. Miskeen sucked. If I want a handpainted shirt I'll go to the swap meet. But I don't and I never will...
  3. my girl went into La Perla a few years back and they had a spider infestation. she said the workers were mad embarrased but I can't think of a worse place to have spiders crawling on some shit. If you got a spider infestation in a lingerie shop you need to close for the day and call the Orkin man!
  4. son of sam

    Baggage thread.

    shit man, what's your job?
  5. I think GTI's are alright looking, but they are from from quick. I guess it's a Euro thing
  6. son of sam

    Cope Soap

    Don't think I want to rub COPE on my balls every morning...
  7. shit im getting older and still putting it off but school equals females so ill be there soon
  8. yeah if the girl is worth spending money on cool but it shes a slut fuck no
  9. westcoast....mexico damn i love frijoles
  10. an 87 t-bird is a shitty car anyway worth about 500 bucks
  11. im tired of doing shitty trains this year more quality
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