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  1. these make kran feel this :mad: theres no actual writing, some poorly exucuted space crafts that may or may not say void. If your going to rip off an idea, do it justice. and use a pencil instead of a red sharpie. and change yer name cause theres an internationaly known void who would tear you up with a simple stencil. but good job on not writing some thing as cliche and unoriginal as "fuck the buff" next to your sketch.
  2. i think you should put up like either 50 of those together so people look or like 5 foot ones. nice image tho, i like writers who think. I like the obey spinoff with sadam too.
  3. how do yall get yer girls do get down with the markers?
  4. this is silly, just silly... motherfucker if i ever see your wack cope "fatcap bomb" i wont "bomb" over it i will just fucking destroy the building because thats torture to the bricks. But never will see it up cause yer so wack you have to draw bricks to "bomb" fuck you, you ignorant psuedo hip hop private school abercrombie motherfucker
  5. krAn·


    does anyone have the addy on that legal with the dragons?
  6. that sir is a nice sketch but i agree with hecz, too many kids will just bite yer shit and without doing the genuine thought any justice, but fer sure post that shit when its done...
  7. im down, anyone with 4 years of experience care to get down? full color, two pages, taking characterage, backround, use of color, style and texture into consideration, full out, but like over the course of a month or so......if any of yall'r down, get back at me.... or if yer lazy, just a one page black and white either way im down
  8. yeah it seems to me that this roka kid has some teeth, feelin a jaws vibe from him if you know what I mean.... foreshame on you for comparing yourself to the tf dork, regaurdless of paint, at least he knows what important in each letter, fuck your shit, get some style, put in some work and get off yer computer (the computer handsteez are as tight as linkin park) heres some advice.....die, but peace to the tf dork
  9. instead of proving how cool you are by posting flicks of your paint, work on fucking basic typography, fools say that shit alot on here but its true, get somestyle, learn where its okay to bend the letters and where you have to stay true to the actually letter...and no, you dont compare at all to dork tf, charicters or style, no offense, but lets be honest here
  10. krAn·


    this ones illin http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00312854f00000037.jpg'> props to ase
  11. about these tria's... are you hitting peoples books and giving them tria's? you want to sell some? how many different schemes do you have? I will buy them all
  12. I see alot of rezine influence in yer work...
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