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mc leroy

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  1. sorry, these ivo letters are fucking hideous!!! electron microscope fills, yuck!
  2. big ups to my homie takin a dirt nap
  3. whats up with that Blondies skate shop? and most importantly NBK!!!!!
  4. mc leroy


    i dont think this is the sekt from dallas, RA crew
  5. some interesting styles here, but some are fuckin hideous abominations
  6. some real treats. That 1st Lewis had to be done by Wyse
  7. why is it people jock the fucking ugliest, retard retro style that crae and countless other trendy writers use????????? someone please explain
  8. Big ups to Bash for doin his damn thang, keep it up as for all these haters, put your flix where your mouths are, busters.
  9. hot daaaamn! this grave fella is off the heezy, much props :king:
  10. goddamn that crae is fucking gross! Whats the deal with this new style of making shit look as wack as possible? no me gusta :D
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