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Everything posted by Neskoner

  1. when paser berlin sky crow ridl coupe sobr break amor dark nace WOW.
  2. tead heist awol kram hope arel tiny simpo roller. dark mines
  3. this thread is priceless.
  4. i used to be all about mcdonalds until i actually discovered good food.i cant handle that shit now.
  5. amone rei awe dork kerse fucked by the door dabs when vizy awesome post.
  6. steak n shake killed my stomach last night. i dont feel right.
  7. i wouldnt fuck his sister.but thats just me...
  8. you could run a good meth market out there.
  9. Quoted post [/b] ALL AMERICAN. im glad more people have seen that video.
  10. nirvana&destinys child-smells like teen booty.
  11. them azns do be doing that for sure.
  12. yeah i saw this,it must be tough for people without running water,makes me feel like shit.
  13. revise awol kerse pako crow enter
  14. HAHA,you finally put them up.good job
  15. this is really fucked up,a few years back my friend was dating this girl and he found out it was his 2nd cousin.luckly he didnt hit it.
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