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  1. flixster


    What's good.. I'm heading out to Cleveland.. Can anyone let me know where I can check out some graff there.. I don't want to paint just check out the scene... You can email me at turnstylemagazine@gmail.com
  2. Just another drop in the bucket...
  3. Plenty of action shots on http://www.deepinsidethemind.com Just go to search and type in bode jam..
  4. Yo! Evak this is Been3 Wallnuts.. hit me up so that I can send you some of the action shots I have... Also we can build.. maybe hook up a wall.. It was a pleasure painting with you guys... been3byb@deepinsidethemind.com I started posting the actions shots on my site so check them out...
  5. I just had to...http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v16/flixster/bodyart.jpg'>
  6. Sorry guys but I have to give your paint a thumbs down.... The pressure is good but the quality of the paint is not up to par.. The paint doesn't cover... I you guys get better quality on your paint I will support you... but as of right now it's a no go.....
  7. No we did not sponsor the event... Joey TDS and Part TDS usually do the inviting.. and remember there are certain walls that go to the same crews every year... There is not enough wall space to invite all the legends that have made their mark on the trains and streets of NYC, let alone invite people from other states and countries... Like I said I think the wall should get done every 6 months... by different people each time... You have to also remember that the Hall of fame is and has been for piecing.. Burners and productions.. The street bombers are a very important part of the culture but when it comes to the Hall of fame it gets the short end of the stick.. and you also could not hold an event for bombers with all the drama out there.. it would be more of a steal cage match... Plus VS would have a field day...
  8. Dash I'm sorry can I take this one... The Hall of fame has a lot of politics behind it.. there are quite a few writers that don't want to get involved in the politics... and then there are certain walls that are given to certain crews.. and well deserved.. next there are alot of old school writers that are too rusty to go out and paint.. just because guys were rocking trains and walls 10-20-30 years ago, that does not mean that they can pick up a can and paint a wall like they did back then... Dash you can add your view points... My solution would be to paint the wall twice a year... with different writers each time... each wall runs 6 months... As for opening a can of worms.. I love it, it gets people really thinking... and like I said, "Dez does deserve to paint on the wall" but I would like to see him go all out.. even if it's an all out fill-in... Been3 BYB WALLNUTS
  9. That's what I'm talking about there was no letter style in his piece.. Let say fuck the production what he did was fucked up.. but if we break everything down a get into lettering do you think he put in the effort..? He can do better... I personally would rather see him do a Dez.. I believe in letter style and I have a question.. should you improve your lettering everytime you come out? or should you just change the position of an arrow and call it a wrap... As far as the 3D lettering, I can't do it so I really can't comment on it.. I don't know if the guys are improving everytime they do a 3D style piece... I'll do some research on it... and stop bitching about the size of the images.. If you want to see it a bit bigger go to NYC and see the wall up close.. If you can't.... take what you can get.. http://img6.photobucket.com/albums/v16/flixster/21321.jpg'>
  10. Obviously you guys are losing the point.. I should've expected that.. I would of preferred Kay slay going up there and doing some silver block busters to.. I don't care if the others would have done simple styled back ground, but they did not.. and I don't expect Dez to do a 3D piece, but to go up to the wall not say what's up to the other artist that were hooking up the TDS wall for TDS, with there own paint, slap the piece that he did over the characters that were already sketched on the wall. since he was supposed to go on another billboard just like Part did.. and not even care that there was a concept and an area set aside for him to shine... It took the air out of the writers the were doing the background. if you look at the wall you can see that they tried to work around his piece but they just couldn't do it.. and they just gave up.. they left the wall unfinished (the mountains) The TC5/FC wall looks hot cause they came with a plan and executed it... So did TAT and that is why there walls do come out so tight.. They work together... You should have to have integrity in whatever it is you do. that is what separates you from the rest.. and just because you were painting does not mean you let go of your integrity.. by the way I've been writing for 27 years and yes without these guys most of the writers today would not be writing, but even back then when a crew decided to do a production or wholecars everyone had to give up a little in order for the production or wholecar to come off.. And I've been going to the Hall of fame since it first got painted by Dez, Volcan & Jean13(he did the Sting Ray piece and also helped Volcan evolve into the writer that he became) and like I said he should be on the wall... but if you are not going to do your best and you're basically doing the wall with no desire and you basically look like all you care about is getting jocked by young writers and rap kids... don't paint!.... I don't care if you're old school, I don't care about fame, I don't give a fuck about the Hall of fame and I really don't care if you agree with me, but I do care that our community (the writing community) go out there and do our best whether you're a bomber or a legal eagle. We need to get better every time we go out and we need to work together to improve our community and the work we put out... I've said it before and I will say it again what ever does not evolve becomes extinct... I know most of you wont get this but I still have to put it out there... Respect is earned and just because you did a train 20-30 years ago doesn't mean you should get respect now.. I did trains and I don't expect anyone to give me respect if I didn't give you respect.. If I were going to an event where I will be going to be show casing my skills, to show everyone that will see the wall that us old school writers can still burn.... and improve.. but if I were to go up there do the same outline I did a few years back, not finish my piece and have another writer finish it for me... all the while fucking up the concept that was prepared for the wall.. It's no wonder the younger generation doesn't respect the old school.... Man, I can go on.. but most of this will fall on deaf ears.. so fuck it.. we can all praise the old school but if the old school is going to be part of the new school, the old school should come correct... and do the best the old school can no matter how fucked up the piece looks...if not stay in retirement... For all you bitch ass drones praising the old school (of which I am a part of) and all of their actions no matter how stupid and stagnating they may be...while taking everything at face value without standing up with your own opinions... Here is the wall in it's original state... http://img6.photobucket.com/albums/v16/flixster/HOfame.jpg'>
  11. Ok guys I know there's something missing.. but I feel the Kayslay piece was doing nothing for the wall.. No disrespect to Dez and what he did during the early NYC subway craze. But I feel that if you show up to a wall and you see the work that is being put into the wall, If you don't want to respect the young writers of today you should at least respect the craft that gave you the early fame in your career. Come correct with a hot blazing piece.. Not that half ass Kayslay that was done this year.... If you are going to rock the wall give your spot to someone else. I know there are people out there that will say.. Dez was the man and he deserves to be on the wall.. and I agree but put some effort and style into your piece... You have one year to work on an outline that will blow everyones mind away... Please do your think in 2005, show the youngsters out there that the old school can still rock some hot shit... and you might want to look at a color chart next time and pick some better colors... Like I said no disrespect to Slay and the work he is doing as a dj but you are making the old timers look like we can't hang.... If some of you want to hate on me cause of what I did.. fuck it... go ahead.. http://img6.photobucket.com/albums/v16/flixster/HOF2004.jpg'>
  12. Well Mr. snachez.. Since Deep Inside the mind is a business and the work that was done was business related and since I have seen too many of our photos stolen and used in Mags and for other promotional things that are business oriented, we chose to watermark everything that comes out of here to be viewed by the public.. now we know that someone else could put it together and post it on the site.. and thats all good but nothing that leaves this place for the general public leaves here without a watermark.. Now if anyone that painted on the wall wants me to email them a clean image. I will be more than happy to send it to them.. And if they post them thats on them.. but the minute I see them in a mag or something that makes money and we did not get or cut or at least the mention of the site, the person I sent the image to, gets cut off! and for all of you that don't understand what I just said and why we are doing what we do... That's all good, it will come to you one day.
  13. http://img6.photobucket.com/albums/v16/flixster/A.jpg'>
  14. http://img6.photobucket.com/albums/v16/flixster/8e8ceb2c.jpg'>
  15. The legend lives... Still doing his thing.. Mad props my brother.... Been3 Wallnuts www.deepinsidethemind.com
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