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  1. ya RAZ is FiYa, but the E is HURT
  2. ya RAZ is FiYa, but the E is HURT
  3. very informative tutorals on this site bro....nice....
  4. FilthyMouf

    my homie....

    hahaha anyone who calls WEED "a DRUG", is phuckin gayer than the name twinky
  5. first off, you pussies, i never opened a thread to "NETCEE" I DONT "netcee" i MAKE MUSIC...IN AUDIO, AND DISTRIBUTE IT.... I MADE A CONTEST FOR A HUNDRED DOLLARS to whoever wanted to enter it, all yall had to do was write my labels name and the winner would have the HD gift certificate for a bill.....but you fags gatta erase my thread 2nd off, now if you wanna talk about growing up, try to stop making a disgrace out of neiborhoods with ur pittyfull skills, if you can MURAL then do you, if you cant THEN QUIT WRITING it's like a little retarded popularity contest to see who has
  6. lmaoo...TOY TOY TOY TOY TOY TOY TOY.........
  7. i make you swallow four-bullets/and leave you duckin-the-rest before-i-pull-it/ this toy'll throw you in a bucket-of-etch
  8. IM NOT A WRITER you clown.....I BET ID RIPP YOU IN A HIPHOP BATTLE THO.... thats all im here for is to get some promotional art for MY PHUCKIN LABEL, YOU WANT A PHUCKIN TOY WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS YA FAG..... toy this toy that, PHuck off
  9. never mind i searched, and some bastard deleted a legitamate damn contest, phuckin scrubs:( it wasn't advertising, it was a CONTEST.... clowns ass, stuck up, to good for anybody, writers today...
  10. FilthyMouf


    is my contest thread moved, or deleted? grrrr....explainations!!!!!
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