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  1. MoG

    Canvas Thread

    Woah El Coro! You said those are for sale. How much? Im seriously interested in buying those man for a reasonable price.
  2. FlamingHobo Dont act like you dont suck cock
  4. MoG

    sticker thread!

    Ibelive kingofhearts sorta its possible
  5. MoG


    Haha Mook ive seen a bunch of his shit aroudn here He had his buds hold him by his feet while he taged on the side of bridges there was mad stuff about him in the papers aroudn here
  6. To get these kind of charecters you need to not be hugged as a child. LoL Just playin man im diging your work
  7. MoG

    philly book

    .::Starts rolling around on the floor::. Heh Im a 15 year old white bitch!! YEAH!! Who cares art shouldnt be classified by age and race. Its classified by creativity and style and umm detail and how good it is. Yeah if your older your gonna have some extra years under your belt. But you have all been that 15 year old kid. HAHA he said philly is illy lol :crazy:
  8. MoG

    my homie....

    Take this drugs off and give them to me. As for the thing....LESS COLORs keep is umm how can i say this better. You just need to work on it! We were all newbies once it only gets better
  9. MoG

    sticker thread!

    Im loving these stickers and Hecz dude your rocking this shit. Its Great i love it!! Can someone tell me how to get those USPS stickers though ive been using ghetto things for mine. Like i went to usps.com and there new and diffrent i want the oens you guys are using BLAH lol
  10. MoG


    I was actually enjoying the online flows! Lemme in on this If its one thing i learned its to bob and weave Yet im so fucking high off coracedin So dont come front'n cause you aint got notin I stand on diffrent platforms using diffrent rap forms that youve never heard before Im filled to the brim i cant take much more My words are like a gun Come against me son your gonna get scortched like it was from the sun I got an Ace up my sleave even when my minds on leave so take what you want and leave Im the king :king: CRACK hit with a bat on one swing So the two make a connection You think its affection But your just in infection To a Gaping wound And soon ill break the sound barrier with words You say you got boys but i got heards of em Hole packs and crews They all come spraying like and arosal cans I rap cause I can I only got one demand and its to understand you TOYS Cause i just dont get you Whats with you Ill krinkle you up and toss you into the trash Like a cheap paper basketball game So if you got more then nothing dont complain And get with this game it aint all the same.... .::You hear turntables in the back::. ERRR!!! Sorry i got carried away and it went fruit loopy toword the end!
  11. hey pittsbugh Hey Pittsburgh Flavor Where you located in pittsburgh? Im in the north hills bellvue regin or h/o its spelt whats your tag name maybe ive seen some of your shit
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