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  1. bump for canada and sheer volume of pics
  2. because, unfortunately they're usually more creative and dedicated to their cause...and with one more day to go I have to say that Bush and the people who elected him are scary as hell...nothing worse than stupid people with power
  3. Referee


    hmmm...kaput's the homie but i never feel remio's stuff...always seems a day late and a dollar short funny how they seem to get more respect from out of towners than here in vancouver...hows the SHINEr? oh well, to each his own...those with pics keep the thread going
  4. Referee


    someone's getting jelly...someone's getting jelly....
  5. does sculpture too...everything he touches is gold man, gold stay golden pony-boy
  6. Referee


    yeah, hes gotta be talkin about TIE...gotta do your homework...thats was a memorial piece
  7. Referee

    screech two pices

    no one has any ideas on the names i suggested?
  8. Referee

    philly book

    yeah, but where else could you find someone who actually said "haterade"???:eek:
  9. Referee

    screech two pices

    yeah, i'm kinda at a standstill because i havent thought of a name to continue with...i'm thinking of GADS, JANK, THEO, or JEBUS... any of these taken?? (i'm screech..those are my pieces)
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