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  1. typical NoVA bullshittin pricks hahaha gee how the fuck did i know this thread wuz just gona be a buncha shit talkin fuckheads instead of people actually posting flix, and honestly from what i know i reeeally dont think any of the "toys" in the flix give a fuk if theyre called a toy by some fakeass hoe on the internet, if ur shits so hot post it bitch :lol:
  2. i bet NOBODY else will post flix on this thread.... ............
  3. and the envy pic's fuked i kno, but i managed not to screw up the other ones too bad
  4. only flix ive got on my digital were from the legal, all my other shits on disposable cameras, i'll have more flix of other shit soon
  5. :dazed: :dazed: :dazed: :dazed:
  6. ok...flix of TWO of my fav writers OK, i took the envy flik off cuz i kno it wuz only half of it....my bad http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-020s.jpg'> SCAN-53 http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-022s.jpg'> SIME
  7. http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-012s.jpg'> GRAE http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-015s.jpg'> KOST http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-013s.jpg'> HAK-II throwie
  8. my bad sleep i didnt think anybody would be pissed bout that, i was just pissed off cause i couldnt figure out how to post pics and plus all the VA thread i wuz goin to none of the flix would work so i wuz jus bein fukin dumb, i didnt mean aything against VA graff at all
  9. bunch more shit from the legal wall.... http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-051s.jpg'> MORON http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-062s.jpg'> JYST http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-066s.jpg'> OOPS ......and thats not all fuckers!!!
  10. Shit From The Legal Wall http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-045s.jpg'> ISLE http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-060s.jpg'> HKS http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-058s.jpg'> REPAY http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-054s.jpg'> KEVER
  11. http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-011s.jpg'> HAK-II
  12. fuk me ok, sorry bout the wasted space, im retarded i got the shit now, ima try to post a buncha tight flix i got
  13. http://sigup.com/sigs/Mvc-011s.jpg'>
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