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The Reverb

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  1. Id rather see your cap peeled back and play with your sinuses but we cant all get what we want. Fuck that, dont respect some shit if you dont like it bottom line
  2. thats a corperate strategy for advertisement. Think about it, what do you see when you think of meril-lynch, mcdonalds, or nbc. Down with mascots
  3. youd be supprized at the things that the ll do, its all part of the job
  4. this is the illest thread eveer
  5. The Reverb


    SHUT UP NOW< anyone posting without a flick from now on is gonna get it
  6. The Reverb

    On my travels

    http://www.againsthegrain.plus.com/Sodom%20Gamora/again.jpg'> feelin the straight, bumpy for the mas dac tag
  7. wow im suprized noone said anything bad, Im also supprized to see a neckface fillin. its funny
  8. The Reverb


    Oclock may not be the most stylish, but his hand is more than decent and rediculusly up around the whole word. Are you kers btm? cause if your not, i suggest you dont write it. No offence, i just hear stories...
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