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  1. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00379739f00000001.jpg'> mine...just a simple one
  2. mikSTARZ

    usps labels

    stop being lazy and follow those directions
  3. mikSTARZ

    usps labels

    Re: Here is the EXACT link you cannot post exact links..it has to do with the cookies from your computer..everyone else just sees this For security reasons, the current session with The Postal Store website either timed out or couldn't be retrieved. You will be redirected to The Postal Store's home page in 25 seconds. If you are not automatically redirected, please click this link.
  4. mikSTARZ

    usps labels

    ok, here's where to go to get the usps labels 1. go to usps.com 2. look in the top left and click "Buy Stamps and Shop" 3. then click "shop" 4. then click "shipping supplies" 5. then click "personal products" 6. and on the left side under Browse Store...click 2. Priority Mail 7. now go to page 2 of the page that comes up after you click Priority Mail and it should be the 2nd one there....only 3 should come up and its the middle one..label 228 if that doesnt help then you are just sol.
  5. mikSTARZ


    http://www.artistsunity.co.uk/avec.me/graffiti/seco2.jpg'> mine..
  6. LMAO yeah thats Russel from the Gorillaz and Del did a voice for him in one song, but i never claimed him as my own original character..if dork can use homer simpson, mario, and starkist in his shit and its not a bite, how does drawing a gorillaz character become one? :rolleyes:
  7. http://www.artistsunity.co.uk/avec.me/graffiti/seco1.jpg'> the throw is filled in with silver but the overhead light made it reflect and it wasnt picked up by the cam <_<
  8. Re: for those who appreciate it.... im feelin the wall in your room...awesome shit
  9. those die2 stickers are the shit....lovin the aztec
  10. dope ass stickers dork...keep up the good work
  11. yeah, is this a pass around book? nice stuff indeed.
  12. Re: AND THE LONG AWAITED..... nice work dork....
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