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  1. heh I'm coming to budapest tomorrow until sunday 5th of March and need some hook ups - if anyone has directions to either a graff shop for paint or a hall of fame I would appreciate it... my email is arfadailey@graffiti.net ... London on tour! thank you!!
  2. that kid from new zealand is such a weener - who the fuck boasts about gangs and shit, its good to say 'yeah we ain't got any gangs' - I bet them police were thinking they might have to give you a beating for being such a fuckin wally :haha:
  3. that train with the rela piece was sitting by wilsden junction for ages (you know the shed were they keep some scraps just past the mini hall of fame on the bakerloo and main lines)... it had a red rela dub and also somethig like a dem or den piece... sadly they've now moved it on (it was gone this morning) or I would have flicked it...
  4. quite a few bristol writers don't really bother with the net, and this is just a snapshot.. more should be seen of writers like halo, xenz, true, shimz, jerms, zare and paris.. the city seems to be really taking off now.. it was pretty dead around 2000 and now has the full spectrum of wall burners, street action, steel damage, rooftops, squats etc.. would be wicked to see some shots of omni trains but sadly I ain't got access to that little photo album.. ps nice one T.O.B keep them flicks rolling
  6. Yeah I saw that snot and and combo on the northlondon line laid up at Watford about last thursday... nice one chaps...
  7. Can people copy and paste flicks from photo logs to get this thread rolling again? theres loads of good flogs like adapts, demz's, ponks, sickboys, Zares bristol flicks, TNP's, TCF's etc so bang some goodness up... (I'm not very clued up with 'puters). Should to all the heads that done the squat as well... largers and paint clouds in the womens bogs at 11.30 in the morning... happy days!
  8. ha ha that Jawn is still running. Saw it at charring cross about midday.... nice one mate!
  9. yeah thats it lads keep it rolling.... ez spotty, long time since I chatted with you! Hope you're ok and still terrorising toys occassionally ha ha
  10. bump... someone post more flicks I'm curious to see whats been going on in Bristol lately
  11. bump... someone post more flicks I'm curious to see whats been going on in Bristol lately
  12. arfadailey

    DDS Crew London

    also thats the whole sort of fucking comment that keeps beef going.. just let things settle down and get back to normal... this is exactly why the internet is fucking gay (I realise the dumbness of me cussing the net while I'm on it but hey, I'm bored at work ha ha)
  13. arfadailey

    DDS Crew London

    actually the fume thing there was done with a much next to it... but there did used to be a fume and bosh the same size underneath them... I think they got covered and so fume and much went back and did the fume you see there and a much... the first two were even better, fumes letters had more flow, I remember when I first saw them, I was like 'NAAAAH IT CAN'T BE THAT BIG' ha ha.. were they really done in the day? seems super hot to me??
  14. can one of you bods that post up your email address and I'll mail you about 10-15 digi flicks of outlines... I pass my book around quite abit so its fairly varied... london and Bristol mostly.. if possible leave an account with a fairly large inbox because some accounts (like the old hotmail) get clogged too quickly. if you don't want to be hot PM me, whatever..
  15. arfadailey

    uk wall flixs

    where is that hall of fame? Barking? Also I keep on seeing shots of THC stuff on long but quite low walls... looks like a flyover but when i've passed barking on the train the walls seem more square????
  16. arfadailey

    On my travels

    by the collection of writers with - oker, nylon, hot, rose, sole etc I reckon brighton... plus the hoarding looks familiar ps - that sole might be simple but its crisp - I love them bubble styles....
  17. did someone take out the whole main wall? you can sort of see a white background.... ps Bleegh don't run ur mout u little fassi clat b4 bumpkin mans like u get jooked up blud! Mans be goin on raggo...
  18. did you get the pm I sent you ages ago about the Vizo jam flicks? I still haven't scanned them yet..
  19. arfadailey

    uk wall flixs

    that pupet has got a off key reach.. he's done some crispy ones where I live, sommin a little bit different... where is the pupet piece from?
  20. iamokrum- debug and tense did the last one at the vizo jam in August
  21. that 2nd piece was done at the vizo jam and within 2 hours of us leaving the jam we came back to see people had hit up all the background.. on a memorial piece on the same day :innocent: :confused2:
  22. arfadailey

    top labels?

    hahahahaha. sophistichav. Quoted post [/b] ha ha I like that... yeah that sums it up perfectly. It don't do to look like a low rent scumbag but I've definately got a perchant for the disorderly! Hmm, I can just see this becoming the next media buzzword though.. I will personally hold you fucking repsonsible C of W if I see it in the guardian's saturday supplement soon! :haha:
  23. arfadailey

    top labels?

    - for sweatshirts / knitwear go stone island! my label faves: Stone Island (knitwear / Jackets) Aquascutum (nice scarfs) Nike shoes Levi Jeans tweed jackets plain caps / flat caps fred perry Spywak North Face Gortex / Bearghaus jackets Lacoste polo's for me its all about combining cheaper jeans with nice jackets / jumpers in winter and nice t's in summer... and to think I was into all that 'urban' skate wear only a couple of years ago... now its all about the 'terrace look' as a mate of mine calls it. mind you addict do a nice range of jackets ps for the love of Christ don't touch that Von Dutch shit... I can only think gay hoxton advertising executive ha ha
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