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  1. bling,,,bring it don't sing it
  2. ese, i like your eye, i can only tell you what i said before.. beware of falling into a process that will define your style, content is the most important. keep your eyes open even if your not shooting
  3. inside, unless you live in the sticks. Bicycle theifs run rampid in cities. p.s. cryptonite locks arn't shit if you have the right tools. I don't steal bikes, i ride for a living, i'm just saying if you trust society you will get fucked.
  4. good look, but if have the motovation to go to a color lab do it. that is if you don't print yourself. color correct makes a big differnce, unless there is a reason for the warm tones. in my opinion don't get cought-up in the whole cross-process, not color correct unless you possitivly feel that it enhances the image.
  5. and even though people have nothing nice or constructive to say on this thread you still bite what they say. and because this is supposedly a writers message board i can only dred your seing your 'pieces'. p.s. your mom's whisker bisket is as rouchy as my work boots.
  6. Re: Re: YOU MUST BE NUMBER ONE? you forgot to say that your full of shit.
  7. the third image has some sort of integrity that the others lack.. maybe a freash eye.. i do not know for shure. its only a opinion
  8. How can I claim a numerical standing? i only said that to get a reply.
  9. bump for smart ass replys
  10. wow, go-out-and-actually-write people have no chance to compete with computer dudes that know it at all. I guess I should go back outside instead of attempting to communicate with you dudes. should i start a counter for all the people that have smart replys?
  11. my point exactly, keyboards don't get you off, well they probably do for you.
  12. Lost the key to my hotel.. bent the truth to stay awake.. cut my tounge a bit.. it's all i ever wanted..... there is beauty in convalescence, and none in me... but why does every one on this computer think that there thoughts are above mine?
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