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Everything posted by insults

  1. heres a fork and spoon, for you to toss my salad. :crazy:
  2. no one flicked destro's throwie on the h1 yet?... ack I was hoping to see that.
  3. sounds like he gave your mom some good lovin...
  4. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00283050f00000015.jpg'> got a better pic of this?....
  5. fat blunt. everyone got names n shit for these buds. come to hawaii, its all the same. jus looks alot different
  6. insults


    dopeness... got more?
  7. ill give you a bagfull of stickers for some flicks... hit me up on aim, DVD thief :)
  8. dope pics... all i got is these.... courtesy of Deso 2002 http://www.eight08.net/introz/design_arena/sketched.JPG'> http://www.eight08.net/introz/design_arena/graf2.JPG'>
  9. ^ dope one liner... :king: de'K
  10. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00275903f00000026.jpg'> ^ dope "e"
  11. word. :cool: anyone up for painting?
  12. i jus bust out a fat sack and smoke em out...
  13. word. that seare is funky fresh.
  14. this bogus catchs my eye...
  15. Bogus Tekue able seare onit asis jus some local favorites.
  16. dont worry, i got every single episode on dvd, vhs and 8 track. glad they closed that thread. it was long overdue.
  17. i like them like pokemon, gotta catch'm all.
  18. you's a gangsta, but u neva pop nuttin...
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