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  1. heres a fork and spoon, for you to toss my salad. :crazy:
  2. no one flicked destro's throwie on the h1 yet?... ack I was hoping to see that.
  3. insults

    Style Crew

    sounds like he gave your mom some good lovin...
  4. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00283050f00000015.jpg'> got a better pic of this?....
  5. fat blunt. everyone got names n shit for these buds. come to hawaii, its all the same. jus looks alot different
  6. insults


    dopeness... got more?
  7. ill give you a bagfull of stickers for some flicks... hit me up on aim, DVD thief :)
  8. dope pics... all i got is these.... courtesy of Deso 2002 http://www.eight08.net/introz/design_arena/sketched.JPG'> http://www.eight08.net/introz/design_arena/graf2.JPG'>
  9. ^ dope one liner... :king: de'K
  10. insults

    new bend sketches.

    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00275903f00000026.jpg'> ^ dope "e"
  11. word. :cool: anyone up for painting?
  12. ^^^^^ hahaha dope flik
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