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  1. Quail


    Yeah, i was just waiting for someone to notice that. my name's actually short for another word so theyre not the same and even if they were...well I dunno
  2. Quail


    Thanks i see what you mean, guess i play around with it some more, and yes it does indeed say CHA
  3. Quail

    Toys post here...

    nah it just says cha. and thanks
  4. i dont think theyre so bad. the grinch one has nice colors but yeah it isnt so great. and the dephect one is cool i think cept for that weird bar comin out the P hole...Haaha get it??
  5. Quail

    Toys post here...

    Where do you think it is now??
  6. cus all her brains r taken up with bein cute? j/k..or maybe shes hindu
  7. man emos, im gettin mad at your stupid email i send you stuff and it either comes back or you dont get it. well anyways, i got your stuff, thanks!! I wrote a huge long email about it but :heated: i guess you didnt get it. oohhh well. thanks again
  8. Those SIN stickers are go sood..and the cracker..hahahaa
  9. yeah i suppose you did...i just had all these pictures cut out of magazines layin around so uh decided to do something with them
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