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  1. who smokes the blunts? i have a strong attachment myself. atleast 1 a day and up to 10 or more mostly to the head, kind nugs & all. seriously.. cant get enough of those things. ive been smokin em for years. its basically an addiction. gotta love em. how bout you?:krunk:
  2. i took my dog for a walk in and around a new yard i found. we found a few ways in. sorry no pics. seems real chill. cant wait
  3. yeah fuck norm and justin.
  4. southpark and midgets are both funny as hell.:krunk:
  5. and to go along with; and to go along with what the guy above me said. style is most important.thats what separates. some stuff needs to be buffed throws with style, in the right spots. finley crafted handstyles... well respected... bombing is the heart of graf. anyone can paint a legal. the risks and style, also placement of throws & hands is what earns the points. its just a diff. way of livin. fuck permission:krunk:
  6. holy shit. legal or not, thats most definately the dopest billboard ever. props to whoever put it togeather.
  7. exactly anyone know what tools, paints,methods or any info on how these cats got such small details. hook us up
  8. now thats how you do it. keep it comin with the pics Fred. next time try to put the trains in metal heads. keep it going...
  9. now that is how you start a thread ... nice shit freightlover. no talk all pics ,dope shit.
  10. this is old news, they posted this about a month ago, its also bullshit. they have to be right up on you to locate ya. 100 yrds or somethin. fuck their radar satalite gadgets. dont let em scare ya.
  11. feelin the jafar shit. esp the fish. very cleen . good stuff
  12. http://us.f213.mail.yahoo.com/ym/ShowLette...sort=date&pos=0 http://us.f213.mail.yahoo.com/ym/showletter/graff0001.jpeg'>
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