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oot mork

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  1. fresh posty... kwest stuff is ill!!! bump for onset as well...
  2. hot shit like usual.. bumpy bumpy.. like the fireworks..
  3. more pics.. less talk.. good shit baron.. your shit is progressing rapidly... if you truely hate it.. you wouldnt give the effort to even recognize it..
  4. super dope!!! bump for this post...
  5. probably one of the better Dyer's Ive seen.. bump for dyme mazer, other, ono.. super fresh! dope post.
  6. oot mork

    Oh Deer!

    a2m kills... dope post
  7. the third pic.. amazing picasso refrence.. Guernica.. truley an amazing peice.. good to see others appreciating modern art.. using thier techniques... that character was supposed to be Mary holding Jesus.. or at least representational for the cause of death during war.. bump for this thread.. oh yeah.. and the other shit was tight..
  8. is that causr and donse still kickn around that yard.. good to see that some one else benches there..
  9. that fatso is off the hook!!!
  10. worm!! I do agree that the much is a dope as well.. good catches!
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