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  1. ProjectGen18

    The Bible

    Thanks. I appreciate it.
  2. ProjectGen18

    The Bible

    Warp Cents Rhodon Epsilon Eagle Rom-Four Oner Wicked Kreations :rolleyes:
  3. Re: whats your fav graffiti artists How & Nosm forever. :cool:
  4. Yeah, the last piece looks like something Pest or an old style Atomick would do. But I am still not sure who it is.
  5. Word. I'm not hating on the game but I can understand why most writers think it's wack. Let me point out something, despite that I'm gonna get name-called like most writers do :-X. To be honest I think it's necessary to make this culture more diverse. What other talent out there will come up if it wasn't for that game? I bet Dondi would've gotten mainstream, going on the spotlight, and he was being mainstream right before he died, e.g. doing legals on buses, and art shows. And if he would've lived, the history of graff might've been different (maybe going as far into being one of the "guest stars" in the game instead of Cope2). One of the reasons why I think most writers think its wack is that it'll bring more toys than before. But so what? There's been toys everywhere even before the game. The strong will last until the end, and the weak shall not. The dedicated will learn their history and their customs of graff. What I mean when I say it'll make graff more diverse, I mean that since there will be more toys than before, that talent among the very few in those unheard areas might start a brand new kind of style specific in that area. Look at the different styles of Rap? If the Bronx sound never came out mainstream, Cali's Gangstah Rap wouldn't be born and your favorite 2pac songs wouldn't be recorded. Then came all these other styles like Dirty South and also that Cleveland Style perfectd by Bone Thugs. Now in England, there's this new sound in development called Gryme. I still don't understand it, but I have heard in the the English Hip Hop radio that it is controversial among English emcees, whether it is a real solid style or just a gimmick. That means we are moving somewhere in Rap. The big sides in the world of graffiti is NY, Cali, and the many parts of Europe. You can still see strong influence of the NY style in Paris both in handstyle and pieces, but you can see that they are having their own taste, like angular shapes. I don't think the game will wack out the culture; in fact there hasn't been this much exposure of graffiti since the 80's in the US. Even as far that it is being banned in some countries e.g. Australia. Jet Grind Radio is fundamentally based around graffiti and bombing a futuristic city (like Getting Up), with a haitian DJ who sounds like he's on crack, writers who run around only in skates, bombing the ugliest styles (I must say also that you can bomb on a cop in this game and nothing serious happened that the media attacked the graffiti culture, from minimal to nothing), and it didn't wack out anything of the culture. I'm not hating on the game since it does have good points for being most accurate than any game made about graffiti so far, but it's been restricted only to NY and not the rest of the major style movements. Anyway, "graffiti" already has a bad connotation among the public way before it became popular, so why are you fighting the impossible? The culture itself will always be strong, not like it will break down in a dependant fashion on some dude trying to catch a buck. It is the next step in graff making it richer in expression, despite that some of the things he has done is wacked out like that Hoax, and it's relation in making Graffiti Legal somewhat where the line is blurred. The hoax is pretty dissappointing though. "Still Free" I think its a message for him trying to pass a Graffiti Expression law, where he's trying to make graffiti legal to some extent e.g selling spray cans/markers to a younger age. I dont' know if the hoax is his strategy to promote his game, OR, to promote that Free Graffiti Act in making it public, or just BOTH. But I think overall that strategy of changing the law will not work out, since one cannot change something where the connotation is so strong among Right-Wing politicians. This is probably his biggest mistake. But ultimately, all of these things will not fuck up the culture, but at least open new doors to kids who would get serious into it. And lastly, the criticism of this game where most writers call it "toy" offers new hope to the real toy, where he might get a better conception of what graffiti is really about in this culture. w/e I'm just someone who's looking at it from an alternative I guess. I agree with Marshall Tucker saying that graffiti exploited like this was bound to happen. Its been far too long that graffiti is underground. It just needs to move on IMO.
  6. Re: >>> - SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA - <<< Dope thread.
  7. this is my homie. It says Rom Four Oner Wicked Kreations
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