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  1. Shunner

    My Works!

    i mean not to beat a dead horse but everybody seems to be right. you should practice straight line styles before you try to get all nimbly bimbly with it. New writers see shit from experienced writers and try to do that shit but it took those experienced writers mad time to get where they are. I must say i was feeling one of those heis sketches. It was angled downward and the H and E were mad impacted. Keep it up, it takes great time to reach great destinations. Peace
  2. Your sketches are good but your walls are marginal at best. I would have to conclude that your walls are about to get much better. That blocky one would look real nice if it was 20 feet wide and 8 feet tall on a freeway somewhere. keep a look out for closed freeways. I try to never miss a few open unpressured hours on the expressway. Peace Keep up
  3. Shunner

    few characters

    dope characters son
  4. revenge angle OK PLAYER.... peep the scenario. if you tell her to fuck off and talk a bunch of shit you disable your ability to really fuck her over in the long run... revenge is sweet but if theres static and you try to get that sweet revenge you need to let her think everything is all good. Once she has your trust revenge possibilities are endless. Furthermore she wont think its you. You can keep destroying her life for a while and if you smooth and the game is tight you can fuck her and fuck with her at the same time.
  5. those chips are probably pretty good. The same company makes these hot and spicy ramen noodles that are awesome.
  6. Shunner


    ive been thinking alot lately about where am i gonna be in 2007? Either a house in Grosse Pointe or a house in heaven i nearly got shot new years day when i got woke up with a 9mm pointed at my head by 3 guys looking for the money from my roomates newyears party ive had guns pointed at my brain 3 times in less than 2 years I figure if i can make it out of college and into a good job in a different city i might just see 2007 for fucks sake when i was 8 my next door neighbors gun went off and put a hole in my wall like 3 inches north of where i rested my head at night if anybody has a spare bulletproof vest and a tephlon helmet feel free to email that shit at me
  7. pudding oranges and rocks huh up here in 313 kids were tossin cinderblocks and boulders some years back
  8. Mickeys faygo grape porn schwarma sandwiches candlelit dinners with my probation officer moonlit strolls with your mom cat tranqs graffiti my roomates cigarettes KB on the low money sleeping in till 3 court TV Maxim subway jackie from that 70s show
  9. Shunner

    german caps

    Yeah i cant find gray dots anywhere. My shop says they dont make em anymore EYESORUS WREX
  10. Shunner

    Spray safe!

    whats the drip?
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