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  1. tiws is the man. his shit is funky fresh. We hung out in wash. dc, great guy.
  2. reppin for THE DC Dank City home of the friendly pimp Big Felon http://www.graffsupply.com/graffpix/FELON_28.JPG'> http://www.graffsupply.com/graffpix/FELON_23.JPG'> http://www.graffsupply.com/graffpix/FELON_19.JPG'> http://www.graffsupply.com/graffpix/FELON_13.JPG'> Big Kier http://www.graffsupply.com/graffpix/KIER_13.JPG'> http://www.graffsupply.com/graffpix/KIER_4.JPG'> http://www.graffsupply.com/graffpix/KIER_9.JPG'> couldnt find kier's hottest character...its just a K character that looks like he's holding frech fries- hotness
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