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  1. damage speaking of panels who didnt see the carnage running on monday!!oh for fucks sake the most damage ive seen on one train to all artists involved word the fuck up
  2. sicko thoise latest fliks from the rfw boys are sick rache is off the heez peace
  3. anzac tracksides it will be up on wtcs site this weekend for sho still gettin developed havent seen em yet but it was one wacky long night and we all got fuckin ticks from hiden from the fuckin trains in the long grass but i still got love for the c
  4. rest in peices props due to the following fallen from brisbane.. bere thc avske koc opium akm oke koc blast ds blinky 750 fly masive bwp nosie and to all who i havent come in contact with rest in peace
  5. rite clicathon bump this shit i got a feeling this thread will really excell respect is due murder murder murder kill kill kill
  6. i agree take it easy take a citytrain
  7. mr wolf ok so i take it we havent met before as for the evil a im still confused as for the post bump bump bump
  8. Re: Re: wtf it means if i saw someone doing dusties at that time of the day i would have the courage to come over and say gday dribble meaning exactly that.could be possible i know you by your real tag cheif as for the wolf i dont know shit dribble explained boss.
  9. wtf your fuckin joking i did do a dusty but there was no one to be seen we were catching fliks of the new two namer we did on sunday im trippen out now,,i cant remember seeing anyone as for the wolf he is a bloody mystory man he up crazy with fat as throwies he been bustin our ass trying to put a name to the style hmmmm maybe alive orrrr damn he sneeky peace teem stay cool wtcsquad
  10. bump this shiz yo teem you bombin this thread with some cool shit mate but..... i know your holding out on us lol keep it real peace
  11. sweeet my photo host has ate shit as soon as i find a nother ill post up yo tbk/wtcsquad
  12. Re: NY 2004 keep em runnin rok that shit peace
  13. fresh yo im really feeling this background guys,,ghetto style for miles dope wall!!!anarchy anarchy anarchy peace
  14. i so agree allways has been my fave nyc oldschooler ,,,that style is so off the hook even in todays time he rip the fucken shit up!!!!wish he got more love on style wars dvd
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