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  1. a request for the prism kero cream steel city production
  2. whoa http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00293846f00000015.jpg'> http://www.seakmac.com/files/1sergcres.JPG'> wow
  3. http://www.seakmac.com/files/seak2nd.JPG'> http://www.seakmac.com/files/sovi2nd.JPG'>
  4. SEBurbs

    two sketches

    don tahn: ya kid you better not be writing vent2 ' yup yup yup yup take all the tips and ad this in block letters and straight lines = good building blocks
  5. agree i like this idea this guys a thinker:dazed:
  6. tension i sense some tension:dazed: :rolleyes:
  7. iif someone could could someone post the mook piece with the handcuffs as the "O's"
  8. post the reke. remix freekin reekin freight
  9. pgh god its good to see some fellow pgh's..... I was goin threw pgh withdrawl
  10. SEBurbs

    war pieces..

    HONKY KONG ON LOCK tru that foo check the lil tanks wurd up brah honky kong yo rite dawg reppin the pgh to its finest thats where im from i write royal dawg just startin but all yer wurds flow about the middle east and i stand by ya reppin pgh check the flava cause im out Royalty :king:
  11. whats this say http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00261803f00000003.jpg'> who writes this? and wat does it say cause its clean as fuck:lol:
  12. yo pusha simmer yo ass down geez billboards are risky I aint see u pushin up walls like that quit yer bitchin and start sucking everyones dick bitch:bawling: kisses to pusha from 6pac
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