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  1. and who cares about u???? ur just a cunt anyway Quoted post [/b] he might be a cunt but that sy6 is undeniably bollocks :burn:
  2. colin saysell get a decent fucking tie you CUNT
  3. that jasn guy does that weird shit where it looks like he lined his own panel once he finished it. zedz used to do that. never quite understood it.
  4. roch and most - fucking burning
  5. It is c****. The doors are open so I dont know what it says exactly, [/b] why not just mind your own business like my man said "those know don't tell, those who tell don't know"
  6. americans birds are all spotty, greasy and don't know how to dress. and also: you need to get the fucking words right, even if it is a freight!
  7. [attachmentid=23578] south west trains at waterloo last week
  8. who gives a shit chicago is fucking gay
  9. calculust

    Elk Elk Elk

    yes i imagine it is as is exactly the same piece posted 3 posts up.
  10. calculust

    Elk Elk Elk

    there was a wicked article that went with these pictures maybe when i'm less busy i'll scan that as well...
  11. jesus, its the inside of a 1960's central line carriage that they have kept in good nick. this is what it looks like from the outside: now shut up about it.
  12. calculust

    On my travels

    hosted and posted for ramside cos he's too stupid to do it himself:
  13. fair enough, iv taken it down...but the comment is still true, he didnt want those flics put up on 12oz and it is the same writer Quoted post [/b] he ment that same flick of the wc ain't on his f log
  14. calculust


    he got kicked out for asking silly questions on the internet... that huge piece on them buildings is sick...
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