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  1. This thread is a goldmine: ...Am I the only one sees this?
  2. oh and desa has alot of style right???my lil 5 year old sister can do the exact same writing he does and those throwups..its not the 70's or 80's no more...im talking about why wont he meet up with him and handle their beef like men?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGtWssdauME best maury moment ever
  4. where the HAELER's at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. dear stability, healthy motivation, happiness, and sense of self: where have you gone over the past few years? it seems all i want to do these days is break things and get fucked up. i used to think i had a good hold on everything, but you guys somehow slipped away from me and all i'm left with are these self-destructive, self-defeating patterns. i was smoking a blunt dipped in codeine last night and i realized that i miss you a lot. if you get this letter please try to come visit. i'll be waiting... yours truly, e.s.d. p.s. if not, please send me some ecstacy or mushrooms - i'm not that picky.
  6. if anyone knows about wesley willis, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9rBlIHBvwo
  7. i used to know some kids when i was growing up that did the same shit as this. this clip looks exactly like one of their videos, with the halogen lightbulbs, ladders and everything.
  8. i did some youtubing and i found some commericals for the show
  9. i like the color scheme of his bike, but i challenge him to step it up a notch with a padded seat - then it's official.
  10. maybe it was a rare version of a song?
  11. my dad did something similar except the messages were in code, printed on bounty papertowel, and i didn't get a lunch with the notes. i'd have to break the code while the other kids ate. if i couldn't figure it out, i'd eat the papertowel for lunch.
  12. i got some salsa from whole foods called, "Timpones Salsa Muy Rica," and i thought that it would be good because the name... it was the most disgusting shit i've ever tasted, it was like fire roasted tomato and garlic flavor or some shit. i like roasted tomato and garlic in italian food, not mexican food. shit was boof, don't get it if you see it.
  13. newark is a shithole. times square on new years eve is a panic attack waiting to happen. even still, the path train isn't a bad idea at all.... but you could also drive into the city, park somewhere that isn't superpacked, and take the subway to times square from there. (that is if you don't get car-jacked in newark)
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