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  1. zodiac ying


    so exacto actually bothered to paint in wisconsin.....and got dissed? what the fuck
  2. zodiac ying

    photos by: BOOGIE

    had a hard time finding her stuff but ill keep looking. this one kinda sucks, who wants to see band photos? but at the same time its kinda interesting. http://www.pablochang.com mostly it sucks.
  3. zodiac ying

    photos by: BOOGIE

    the science of being grimey - anyway check out this site, its no boogie, but youll like it http://www.cozzone.com
  4. zodiac ying


    vote for this vote for that. come on people, do you think it matters? did it ever matter? kennedy mattered - nah mean? obviously were all being framed by satan who is desperately trying unleash hell.
  5. zodiac ying

    post up tha weirdest styles

    that taylor is dope but that tumor hanging off the t is the most retarded thing ive ever seen.
  6. zodiac ying

    stuff you wish you hadnt done

    i wish there were no girls in the world like ubejinxed. does that count?
  7. zodiac ying


    On August 6 and 9, 1945, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by the first atomic bombs used in warfare. Japan had received what would seem to have been overwhelming shocks. Yet, after two atomic bombings, massive conventional bombings, and the Soviet invasion, the Japanese government still refused to surrender. The Potsdam Proclamation had called for "Japan to decide whether she will continue to be controlled by those self-willed militaristic advisers" (U.S. Dept. of State, Potsdam 2, pg. 1475). On the 13th, the Supreme Council For the Direction of the War (known as the "Big 6") met to address the Potsdam Proclamation's call for surrender. Three members of the Big 6 favored immediate surrender; but the other three - (War Minister Anami, Army Chief of Staff Umezu, and Navy Chief of Staff Toyoda - adamantly refused. The meeting adjourned in a deadlock, with no decision to surrender (Butow, pg. 200-202). Later that day the Japanese Cabinet met. It was only this body - not the Big 6, not even the Emperor - that could rule as to whether Japan would surrender. And a unanimous decision was required (Butow, pg. 176-177, 208(43n)). But again War Minister Anami led the opponents of surrender, resulting in a vote of 12 in favor of surrender, 3 against, and 1 undecided. The key concern for the Japanese military was loss of honor, not Japan's destruction. Having failed to reach a decision to surrender, the Cabinet adjourned (Sigal, pg. 265-267). On the following day, August 14, Anami, Umezu, and Toyoda were still arguing that there was a chance for victory (John Toland, The Rising Sun, pg. 936). But then that same day, the Cabinet unanimously agreed to surrender (Toland, pg. 939). Where none of the previous events had succeeded in bringing the Japanese military leaders to surrender, surrender came at Emperor Hirohito's request: "It is my desire that you, my Ministers of State, accede to my wishes and forthwith accept the Allied reply" (Butow, pg. 207-208). blah blah - they surrendered AFTER the bombings. good for them, sucks for you. but you know everything so go ahead and quote some sources and then ill quote some more and we will be in the same position as everyone else concerned with whats going on right now in the middle east. im going to go adopt a stray dog.
  8. zodiac ying


    yep. all the rhetorical going in circles bullshit aside, what did the past think the future would look like? id figure a wasteland. good guess. the worst part of all this shit is that we, the youth, have nothing to do with this. we go off and die, for a college education. you want to make sense of all this? forget about it. read til your eyes melt youll still only have your opinion. if you really want to help out set your sights directly in front of you. buy a hungry homeless dude a sandwich. go volunteer at a soup kitchen. run for president. forget about it, its bigger than any of us.
  9. zodiac ying


    No Surrender Japan had received what would seem to have been overwhelming shocks. Yet, after two atomic bombings, massive conventional bombings, and the Soviet invasion, the Japanese government still refused to surrender. heres a little reading asshole.
  10. zodiac ying


    ok now you can give me a bunch of "facts" about how the us is to blame for everything ever, maybe someday ill agree. dont forget to shit on the media, who gave yo your facts.
  11. zodiac ying


    i dont know if we gave iraq chemical weapons. if we did it was fucking stupid. no doubt about it, bad move. because they turned around and gassed x hundred thousand people, which the us never did. free will. if someone gives me a gun am i going to go shoot my upstairs neighbor? no. either way saddam was one fucked up stalinesque dictator, and that doesnt fly these days. he got crushed and in reality the us does need to chill out, but this war really wasnt all that uncalled for. its the legacy that has everyone flipping out. Hiroshima was the one time America actually pulled the trigger on anything even close to nuclear, and that was after pearl harbor and a whole lot of other fucked up shit, and i guarantee if japan could have done it to us, they would have. Im no big time historian, i only really know the life ive personally lived, and it seems to me that alot of people around here have never had enemies in their lives. sometimes you have to stop talking and show someone that they dont want to fuck with you.
  12. zodiac ying


    for those who didnt pay close enough attention, the reason this war happened was because the U.N. wasnt doing its job. If the U.N. took care of its business Bush would have had no reason/excuse for handling Iraq. And Bodice Ripper needs to check out this Chemical Ali dude, who to me is the shining example of why this whole situation was justified. People getting blown up sucks, generations getting fucked up from chemical attacks REALLY sucks.
  13. zodiac ying

    how many???

    blunts can my lighter light?
  14. zodiac ying


    yeah this shit is pretty humorous isnt it. sorry dude, maybe you have some talent otherwise, but your disobey campaign seriously sucks.
  15. zodiac ying


    and hey all these braindead clones putting him up, its just a sign off how played graff has gotten. im saying though, those stickers were up a long time ago. probably before the internet graf thing. so i will give credit. ive seen alot and disobey is the worst.