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  1. nice catch on the zephyr tag
  2. Whats beside the Myth, got flix?
  3. These guys style just gets used and abused these days but their work aint played out at all. They Rock'n it!
  4. The mans a leged! mad props.
  5. I like the KYT and DTC whole cars. Forwards and Backwards!
  6. Am I the only one getting red x's for this page?
  7. KICK! The one thats not yellow though.
  8. Displae! dont know if its finished, but looks sick!
  9. Hesk mink Regal Daam what a sick thread. Thanx!
  10. A couple are stolen, for all you sensetive benchers
  11. Kerse is runnin shit right now.
  12. I dont think tars can hang in a virus thread. Virus is in a way different level then him.
  13. Cool. Thanks for posting again.
  14. I kinda wanna see that tars if you guys put all those explanation marks on it. you guys made it seem like the sickest piece on earth or something. Can some one repost the Tars???
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