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  1. Kam12oz


    ok i told everyone i would be out of town for awhile so i am not some lame shit on a stick all you need to do is open your eyes and read...... but for the people that were willing to help me thanks and this doesnt apply to you ....... i dont really care if you think im 12 or some shit all im worried about is when do i get to fuckin express meself in my art........that is were i'm at i do alot more than spraypaint and i dont care what you think you know about me or anything just try and open your eyes most of you are proably inmatures little bitches and sorry i dont get my jollys by telling so kid that he isnt shit, but i dont care ......and dont try and feel like a hard ass when all that you are saying to me is shit..........so fuck you and grow up
  2. Kam12oz


    Well thanks so far on the pointers but keep them coming if youd like i can try to post some more i have done......um and if you feel the need to i wouldnt mind if you picked apart every little thing you personally wouldnt like cause all im tring to do is progress...........(i am more of a fine artist like acrylic painting, charcoal, pastels. if anyone is interested in seeing anything like that just tell me .....or if you have any ideas i could inquire my stlye from fine arts into writing just say cause it really couldnt hurt) but it maybe awhile before i get anything else posted cause ill be out of town.........thanks.......
  3. Kam12oz


    i added a link in my original post .....
  4. Kam12oz


    ok heres a few sketches I did and can anyone give me some pointers on how to improve them and tell me some of the things i do that doesnt look good. they are just plain sketches with now color or back grounds a little 3d but i just wanted pointers on letter style. go here http://www.angelfire.com/art2/kam12oz/index.html
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