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  1. R_acid


    OJAE FYC in the house ........welcome back
  2. oh boy. i said you may get yourself hurt in response to you saying that you where gonna shoot Ribs in the head. talk like that will get one hurt so stay easy with the crazy talk. now i'm done talking to you, do what you have to do.
  3. stop copping your plea, you met ewok now your plan was executed, stop talking about you shooting my boys you may get yourself hurt, otherwise, stay piecing the wall. when i see you i see you.
  4. Re: maxster psdusted... you liittle bitch you dissed my shit, who the fuck are you talking like you do, youra little son. dont think your not gonna answer to me, i'll catch you on your block lets see how big you act then. your gonna be my personal herb, i want 20 cans for the piece you ragged with your bullshit.
  5. Fresh pics, i'm into the Ghost / Ewok wall, really feelin the yankee production most of all ewok's sporting donny baseball's number which gives it an automatic thumbs up, Gouch, Rk9, Sere, Scope, Ie......dope
  6. Ader dogs them flix are sizzling, old stations got me erect. Jis mc one of the original all city bombers, scs yo! dek dune tekay and company. good lookin on my shit. we call for more more more....i know you got better!
  7. Brooklyn Ribs is the only one that matters........Bump that shit up.
  8. R_acid


    fresh pic above bump for Bete
  9. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00234300f00000008.jpg'>
  10. MC "pic is backwards" http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00285570f00000026.jpg'> Near , Else Kgb http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00285570f00000021.jpg'>
  11. i am probably wrong but i always thought katsu was from new jersey, i go out there a lot and i see many little marker tags and his skullies in everyday places like the diner or the theater, all the way up by bedminster.
  12. R_acid

    look what i found

    Re: Re: look what i found http://www.dutchdamage.com/db/1002478762/hhw0063.JPG'> what does this say
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