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  1. I think its the fourth amendment, or whichever one includes cruel and unusual punishment. Just be like, I got rights, I know them, you dont have probable cause, you dont look in the bag. It's the same deal as a cop trying to search your crib without a warrant.
  2. What did i tell you!? Its fucking fixed.
  3. So, the Super Bowl is fixed. Think about it, Patriots in '01, just a few months after 9/11...hmmm....Then, they're back in it this year. What happened this year you say? Why, I believe there was the Columbia shuttle disaster, the war in Iraq, and then the capture of Saddam. And if this isnt enough dudes, wait until the end of the game.
  4. Marlboro reds mostly... I also smoke Camel filters, turkish royals, and occasionally lights...Mostly reds
  5. I'm mainly a Marlboro Red man. But I still smoke Turkish royals, Camel Domestic Regulars, Marlboro Milds, and rolled cigarettes. I used to exclusively smoke Salem Green Labels. But I switched...
  6. You know why they're called the Browns, right? BECAUSE THEY"RE SHIIIIIIIIT!!!!
  7. thats the fucking stock market floor
  8. That car is so fucking dope
  9. school sucks We can't get around it anymore, once we do it they figure it out and disable it
  10. well traveled bastards! :mad: i wish i was in amsterdam
  11. i have recently started smoking salem menthols....mmmm....sweet death will come to me with time....gotta have nicotine now....mmmmm...lungs blackening, shitty buzzz, weed is better...
  12. gotta love the fucking chucks...you can get em for like 25-30 bills...once you break them in, you can have them for fucking ever...that is of course if your feet arent growing
  13. nokiopit


    as soon as i can, i am going to get my cartalage, lip, eye brow, and/or bridge of my nose in between my eyes...possibly one on the back of my neck
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