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  1. post


    Having a little trouble with mine, any feedback would be nice. Like this bottom one better
  2. Is standoutstickers.com anygood? Im looking to post my stickers EVERYWHERE
  3. lmao Honestly, that was a mistake from the site I guess. I joined the 18th.
  4. Please excuse the lack of ballpoint pen skill U_U
  5. Manhattan Bronx Not sure who they are.
  6. http://i1279.photobucket.com/albums/y531/postnxbills/graffiti%20photography/IMG_7721_zps1e2e14d0.jpg Found this back when I used to live in Florida.
  7. post


    I was at work, so please excuse the lack of ballpoint pen skill U_U
  8. post

    STICKERS 101

    These are the stickers I plan to print out and post up around. http://i1279.photobucket.com/albums/y531/postnxbills/image_zps8dcbb9e8.jpg http://i1279.photobucket.com/albums/y531/postnxbills/image_zps659e6abc.jpg
  9. Remember those glue bottles with the sponge as the tip, that everyone probably hated. they're only like less then a dollar at the dollar store, I was thinking about trying to just fill one up with ink.
  10. What do you guys have to say about stickers? I like the markers and the cans and all that, but im not as talented with it. Therefore, being that I am a graphic designer I designed a sticker, I really want to get into the weatpaste kind of street art.
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