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  1. restless leg syndrome isnt just switching ur legs or moving, you actually fell very uncomfortable sensiations like tingles, pricks, and sometimes, bugs crawling on you.. i use to have this shit really severly and I had to take meds to make it stop, it always started when I tried to sleep and would be all over my body not just my legs. it can sux 4 real
  2. yah i bet u kids think ur kewl cuz u shove paint cans down ur pants and wish ur dick was that size.
  3. this sounds like something one of thos bitchs on aim would say that goes and takes a picture of a girl and yells in the channels "I AM A HOT GIRL" and u get mad messages and chat sex talk to them.. so just go do that and LEAVE ME DA FUCK ALONE
  4. ok you can all kiss my my black ass all you faggits who say "dude" and "dope" your all white trash boyz go fucking skate bored in some gay park and get shot by true niggaz, or go to some "dope" partys and say "dude" and "bro" all night with your fucking raver friends on ecstasy.. oh yea and i forgot to mention KISS MY BLACK ASS!!!!!!
  5. anyone want to meet up in new york? ill c youat that coffie time on that street
  6. Re: Re: fuck winterwondering suck my dick bitch, i bet ur just jealous nothing like that ever happend to you LOL
  7. JazBox


    how do u know he just didnt care?
  8. Jafar for killing toronto Jewish religions
  9. his is so gay, i went out tonight in the cold winter, hopeing that my day would be better after a shitty back to school, i went out, it was fucking freezing out side as hell, there where made cops out.. i woundered the allys looking for a spot that wasnt gheyed out and i couldent find a single good spot that wasnt already used, so i decided to go over some fadded out tag from 93 or some shit (not such a bad thing considereding i am doing bubble letters) ok kso the outlined turned out nice, then i toke out my nice toyish florisent green for the fill, the fill semmed to be alittle odd, as i was doing it, i heard a bike rider around, i hurryed to do my fill , it was crappy but i i didnt care i just wanted to boogie cuz i get parnoid so easily, i stared walking with the can i turned it over and PAINT WAS OZZING ALL OVER MY HAND AND ON THE CAN i toke the can and burshed it of in the snow , it was still alittle damp but i just put the lid on and put it backk in my bag, after that i decided to just call it quits so i stared walking home, noitceing a huge rattleing sound comming from my bag i decided to walk through straight lane ways to get home because there where mad cops patroling the down town roads near my home,so i am walking down this laneway with groushes everwhere and hear this crazy punk rock blasting from one of them (this was around 2:30 am) i started to think about the emnimem music video fight music, how the werid gothic rocker punks looked and how there fucked, i thought they might jump out and grab me and eat me alive in the ally way. now i am alittle guy but i wont hessitate to spray these bitchs in the eyes and give em shoots to the stomach. of course.. it didnt happen but what ever.. neways i got home in the freezing cold, emptyed out my bag of spray cans (there wasnt much paint comming of the florisent green onto my bag) i washed my hands and left alittle bit on for the ladys to notice, well this summes it up i am never going out tagging again in the winter its so fucking gay it doesnt matter what weather it is there will always be bacon looking for grease, i am not dropping graffiti but i am just sticking to sketching during the winter and summer time is mad painting ever night, ne ways i got some spray paint on my smoke, hopefully the fuems will kill me and ill be abe to end this, lates G's
  10. whats it like being blazed and doing sketches? any diffreint? hopping i can get some nice features added to my tag when i try it
  11. hey yo this really sucks and because i mixed the wrong types of shizzile togather and the colouring and outlines blow so hard.. and i did it in small ammount of time this can only equal one disturbing thing http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_62453_0501_7745.jpg'>
  12. i dont like his use of colours, looks like a acid trip
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