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  1. NeverFittingMansBritchesKids...nuff said
  2. Lovin this shit in the year 05, when's the next one?
  3. This topic was already discussed way back when, and the issue was resolved.
  4. I only talk on this cause i don't have your #. So your saying i have a dislike for a crew whos members consist of the people i grew up watching. Come on give me a break, go spit that nonsince somewhere else. Magots you make me laugh.
  5. CORRECTION only 1 person (who was a highschool kid himself) whooped baer's ass! -it was only after the incident when baer told his former crew mate "magots" and among other RH crewmembers what happened when the actual truth was distorted. Since, we all know society cares for the RICH and constantly beats down the POOR they(the jury,cops,judge) have know choice but to believe everything a 17 year old, WEST U livin', RICH-WHITE-BOY has to say... one more thing to help yall see how this took affect or connects rather is... -at the time a former NFM member had hooked up with some TKO's in ohio. If you know anything about the TKO's then you would know they had beef with RTL's back when. Once this was found out amongst other things an NFM member contacted fellas back in Houtston. NOW UPCOMING WRITERS LISTEN...this is know TRUE way of EARNING stripes on yah shirt but, to some its all they got. So what better way to gain friendship or respect with a bigger crew "TKO" than themselves(NFM) by getting some of TKO's old enemies (SLUR & YANO) out of the way... THIS IS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH SO HELP ME JESUS COMIN' FROM THE BOY TALL AIMS if yall know me then yall know i speak the truths cause all lying does is make niggas heads spin. IF CREWS (they know their names) wanna beef because of the truth... so be it!!! AIMS IS FOR THE KIDS AND I"LL BE DAMNED IF I LET THE TRUTH BE SAT ON
  6. eh yo down4htown713 whats the damn science baby. Hadn't heard the word in a minute from yah doc. whats these boys know bout burnin' sweets an watchin' choo choos go by on that E. block ma'an
  7. the good side http://img57.photobucket.com/albums/v174/zacmorrisbench/KqJeVbBB.jpg'>
  8. In communication making things clear is a KEY ??????????? what are you saying why are you even replying to my comment
  9. be man enough to drop a name LALALA 1st let me just say that i thank all the haters for encouraging me to go out an do more i appreciate you guys keep the hate alive... 2nd for the outline comment how bout we battle and see who walks out the champion "son" 3rd shit around shep. nice try but yah didn't mark the spot. i for one travel on sheppard westheimer richmond w alabama like know other. those are the main streets that i gotta use so i use em. you wanna find me come and get at me man...i'm like WALDO if he were on the streets du, look harder i'm right in yah face man. 4th shit where i sleep nice try but, i stay further in the SW not sheperd i use to work around there in my "PIMPIN" days but that shit ended with a grey primered honda, go figure...;) anyways when you find me will chat TALLAIMS-GET YOURS
  10. YOU HAVE MUCH TO LEARN BRY!!! go figure, kespy leaves to ohio talks to some tko's (hieks and whomever else) and comes back on the internet of all places to start blabbing about shit he was never and will never be apart of, a quick form of catching FAME just as the rest of his crew is doing now, as we speak. -bryer why would you even begin to start talkin shit about events you nor your crew were never apart of?
  11. B to the I to the IRMINGHAM proud 2 stay up in ALABAMA!!! home sweet home oh how i miss the
  12. eh yo QUA161 aka kquas... e-mail me brotha...
  13. oh ma'an this is ridiculous http://img48.photobucket.com/albums/v146/jayzoe/wigg.jpg'>
  14. http://losangeles.cacophony.org/mexnightwalt.gif'> eey i'm fuckin pissed right now homes my mudder forgot to starch my dickies...eey what time it ahhhhhhhh
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