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Everything posted by deepsouth

  1. eh yo skums chill with that shit man i know some shit is goin' on with you an whoevers on the board an all but aint know need to be postn' my peoples in trees man...that shit aint fly bra
  2. open you up like six packs...
  3. i think i'm the only one to get that joke...ass
  4. Loves gonna get you ... lov.. lov loves gonna get you
  5. Sorry to burst the bubble but theirs already a res... RES ONE SFR ;)
  6. anyone got some lewis or vhs flicks?
  7. you guy's gotta be kidding me...
  8. thats would be an oxymoron of you to say that
  9. peoples real funny on this board man, straight up
  10. Get Y's.................. damn that kid was buggin'
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