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  1. MOSKI

    R I M E K C W !

    ayz you shouldve just gave us a link to www.tarestyles.com instead of spending so long posting all of them ahahah
  2. MOSKI

    ewok flix

    Re: umm ur slow. ewok.com didnt do any desingns inside his piece at all straight up simple colors and letters with orriginal flow and ewok hm is covering his shit up with ugly insde designs that a 2 year old can put into his shit and claim it to be hot .this is grafiti not art i yet again mention originality goes with letters if u try to make original shit with uggly letters its not going to hide it oze108 , free5 , and ewok hm are perfect examples of it.
  3. MOSKI

    ewok flix

    the thing is this is graffiti not art ewok.com doesnt have the best letter structure of them all but ewok hm doesnt have any period , ewok.com deffinatly came out on top ewok hm hides behind his funky designs becuz under that his letters are total crap , ewok.com won all the way
  4. MOSKI

    Graff Girls

    earsnot is nooooooot a girl lmaaaaaaaaaao ohh shiit earsnot should become a weightlifter but definetly not a girl oh shit u jus made my day
  5. MOSKI


    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00279864f00000001.jpg'> its that kaes character huh , fred enjoys tunafish and yuck casts voodoo spells :crazy:
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