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  1. good post but kids shuld just keep the beef to them selves i dont care what you fools do in ur town
  2. mapquest has a little thing in there
  3. i have been chased off by the guys in the track trucks but who cares graf is a risk some take and some dont
  4. sqeels

    rail cops

    do your homework and learn some shit for yer self dont be so quick to ask the internet guys and that dog thing doesnt work where im at
  5. sqeels

    Solo e2es

    i think that everyone should do atleast one e2e and a whole car they make you feel real good after your done.
  6. sqeels

    F R E E L I F E

    who cares jail is like a test to see who has the heart. post up if this fool dies not for jail
  7. throweeeeees are the shit and this is a stupid thread whats next are handstyles important wyse are you a cop???
  8. sqeels


    they are just good practice
  9. sqeels

    plastic piz

    damn those cleans are dope but i dont really like the walls and his color schemes are dope. quils<<<
  10. that guy always burns the load limit #s
  11. damn someone needs to post some good shit your making your city look like a buncha fools
  12. god i hate people who paint above other people just paint over them fag
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