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  1. satnone


    the scene is alot bigger than the internet Quoted post [/b] some poeple think theyre killing shit but actually arent compared to most writers.. but honestly i think theres a direct relation to how often your posted on 12oz and how many freights u have... obviously... people post what they see in the yards... simple as that... this is of course not including the people that post their own shit to get fame when they got like 5 freights and want people to see them..... that shits sorry...
  2. satnone

    straight edge

  3. satnone

    straight edge

    word... yeah its easy to tell who starts claimin it for the wrong reasons cause theyre over it when they hit 21 haha.. for that reason i dont take straight edgers very seriously unless theyre over 21 ......and damn my lazy ass needs to update my website...
  4. satnone

    straight edge

    mmmm meat
  5. satnone

    straight edge

    grafiti cheerleaders hahaha.. :haha: thats great.. perfect definition.. i guess if it wasnt for them we wouldnt get to peep our freights online from time to time haha
  6. satnone

    straight edge

    im edge.. i dont really talk about it though cause i guess i dont really care anymore.. being straight is all that matters to me now.. its just what i prefer.. the edge part was just something i got involved in when i was younger.. it was like a brotherhood.. now im 28 years old.. but i guess by definition ill always be straightedge.... and yes it is true.. the ones that make the biggest deal about being edge turn out to be the biggest sell outs haha
  7. satnone

    i went to college and i saw

    meca-licious :)
  8. satnone

    the lines toughest

    hahaha fuck u dignan.. your under arest!
  9. satnone

    the lines toughest

    ok anybody know how to copy dvds? do any of u that have the dvd use dvdshrink and know anything about torrents or file sharing? i want this dvd haha
  10. satnone

    the lines toughest

    no.. bombingscience.com doesnt have it... im not sure if we r all looking at the same sites here... but i dont seem to see it on any of these... does anybody really know who sells it?
  11. satnone

    the lines toughest

    art crimes doesnt sell it.. and i dont see anywhere to get it on fuckinfreights.com
  12. satnone


    i got caught in LA back in 97.. they told us we would just be getting a ticket... but after sitting for hours at the station they finally let us know that we werent goin anywhere.. we were in for felonies and responsible for 250,000 dollars worth of damage.. they have a rediculously high estimate per boxcar.. its a set amount that i guess they use to get the felony arrest they r always hoping for.. the regular street cops dont know shit about freights.. so they will work with the railroad police to get what they need... anyways they took pics of our freights for evidence.. but fortunatly they didnt contact the railroad police at the scene and since the cop didnt know any better he didnt get the numbers in the pictures and they couldnt track the freights down to get legitimate estimates on the damage... basically the pictures were pretty much useless evidence for their case since in court we argued that theres no way we did 250,000 dollars in damage.. so because of that they lowered our shit to misdemeanors.. they initially wanted us to serve a year in LA county.. but we got out of that and ended up with 120 hours of community service.. 3 years probation.. and 1000 dollars restitution to UP... so it really all depends on who catches u and weather or not the vandal squad deals with the case or not out here.. if the vandal squad got involved then they would have researched our names and tried to give us all they could.. them and the railroad police r the ones that know all the tricks to get that felony they r all dreaming of...
  13. satnone

    the lines toughest

    hey this is satnone the owner of freightalicious.com.. does anybody know where i can buy a copy of The Lines Toughest dvd?
  14. satnone

    Take A Toke But Don't Choke

    what up hermdog.. i like that shit.. u know whats weird is i painted that on a completely different line
  15. satnone

    so throw your hands in the aiiiiiiiiiiiir!!!!

    thers lots of "good" free services out there