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  1. im not the one to ask about that kind of stuff. maybe you should ask docmartin. he's always smoking bluntz and shit. hahahaha i cant decide which one is the worst crew name ever, ttd or fem... it just doesnt get any more toy than that!!!
  2. if thats a bad day, id like to see your good days. pretty good shit.
  3. Re: F*ck the haterz ! dude, shut the fuck up
  4. not bad. could be better.
  5. i just noticed this sir-5??? hahahahahahaha! what a retard!
  6. thats the place. you heard about the toys there too?
  7. hey dumbass reading the fuckin announcement at the top of the forum!!! it could be a joke, but i wouldnt be surprised at all if it were real. it sounds a lot of the people here have never ran into any really stupid toys. i could tell you some toy stories that would make you lose whatever faith in humanity you have left. one of my friends says that the toys in vancouver are the worst. looks like the toys in bismarck are giving them a run for their money tho! :spent: :D :spent: :D :spent: :D
  8. you think i'm heat? hahahahahaha... guess again. SeYnO9, you're a visionary. go paint your favorite band or movie and posted it here. i'm looking forward to seeing it.
  9. Re: Re: Re: I OFTEN WISH I WAS MARTY MCFLY but does she swallow or just spit?????? :) :) :) :)
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