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  1. all i see is... a bunch of dudes biting off of tkid and per. nothing to be in awe of. definitely not.
  2. abronyc


    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00391831f00000024.jpg'> woooooooooooo sago rtw. my boy. :king:
  3. abronyc


    rebel can flow. definitely. he got styles: hand, throwies, blocks, pieces. he has done legal and illegal stuff. anyway, just for that i bless you all with fun stuff. and in case anyone is wondering, i'm looking for a fight. so if you see me in your hood, throw me a fair one. http://decobrand.com/up/soberconeyisland.jpg'> http://decobrand.com/up/soberizm1.jpg'> http://decobrand.com/up/gouch1.jpg'> http://decobrand.com/up/decorncursebx.jpg'> http://decobrand.com/up/decorushbxdegan.jpg'> http://decobrand.com/up/gouchdecosoberush.jpg'> ...and for a fee i can even make your shit tighter peace.
  4. yo what.... http://decobrand.com/up/Deco_Rush2.jpg'> ©1994 http://decobrand.com/up/Rush_94.jpg'> manhattan beach brooklyn © 1994 http://decobrand.com/up/Rush_Deco_bronx91.jpg'> T2B's in da BX in © 91 son http://decobrand.com/up/Statenisland.jpg'> were bomin when you were suckin your mothers' tit.
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