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  1. i had the pleasure of doin 1 of the 03 ttyx railboxes
  2. chitty bang bang! siner
  3. i just cought that lern
  4. i cought a crow, and unfinished heist , of that same size^ on an light blue SLGG today cool
  5. ehh yayuhhhh... lih' jown n thuh eassside bois.. excuse my dirty south
  6. that fat porken white kid is the end of graffiti
  7. i just saw that trik off the highway up north going back home
  8. i cought that RAS down south half a year ago
  9. windixee

    spotted 71

    hense sever /csx waffle navy8,ansiq,nise tags/csx waffle cycle hollow /railbox damn im kinda drunk i cant remember oh yea... sigh,elk/ns box desa outline,hush,bz fill/ns box heat/csx waffle daze tm/southern waffle trik whole car/ auto rak resto,dyer,xrae end to end(off the highway in the bronx!) resone/autorak whyd i even type all this
  10. windixee

    spotted 70

    Twice('98)/make outline from the bronx.wisconsin central box
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