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  1. obsessed depressed and opressed. well my plans fell through as usual. im sitting here watching donnie darko drinking cream soda #6(I.B.C.) being depressed taking drugs.
  2. http://www.admiralsawesomeknives.com 11 bucks for a good pair and you are on your way to knockin out assholes left and right.
  3. just got back from skateboarding and going to the dmv to renew my liscense so i can go out to the bars tonight after some art shows and who knows. fuck it. at least i feel great after showering and now im drinkin a cream soda playin with my long ass hair.
  4. chue. remember that sick shit you coughed up on my front lawn? all i see is red x's. but i see all your flicks anyways and know that srt is doin quality shit. keep rockin.
  5. i will trade you any skate shoe or skate product there is in exchange for painkillers or ketamine.
  6. Re: Re: Re: Re: hey little spanker... hey drop your name. preach wants to know who you are so he can sign his "wack" tag across your fuckin forehead when he sees your bitch ass. or any of us see you for that matter, bitch.
  7. -maroon newbalance's -brown wranglers (tapered as fuck 32x32) -olive green shirt (friends punk band) (m) -camo "defend brooklyn" mesh hat -2toned green timbuk2 bag -fendi shades in the pockets: -2 oc80s -ox -brassknucks -some $ -silver pilot in the bag: -fiskars -4 cans of dutchboy silver -2 cans black rusto -1 can white rusto -zip disk -axe body spray -shoe laces -northface windbreaker -cellphone -and my discman bumpin joy division
  8. Re: Re: hey little spanker... hey bitchmaid... 1.) i guess you spent your "week" in P.B. and realized he's murdering with ink. Something that yokels like you must not be used to. And you cant say his handstyles are toy, because I know they rock out harder than van halen. And whats wrong with drips, toy? 2.)I know that he paints HI PROFILE spots from experience. 3.)PREACH isnt just graffiti. HE is crime. O.G. Crime. So step off the jealousy jock and get in line to get a spanking.
  9. hey little spanker... from what i hear...preach is cool with the ae out there and both ae's are cool. and dont even try to call big preach loc a toy cause i guarantee you that youll find out soon enough you are writing checks with your mouth that your body cant cash. BIG8BIT.ANTIEVERYONE.ITKILLS.x p.s. mr c. walk... post more shit man. ive seen the newer shit youve been doin and i fuckin love it. keep rockin and tell el preacho i said whats up if you see him before i call his ass up. later man.
  10. Changed a bunch today. I am a fuckin model. woke up: -ck boxerbriefs -grey lifesucks die tshirt -was listening to the hit device. even though he's an asshole now his music is still cool. drove downtown wearing: -some really fucked up diesels (brand spankin freshly racked but all wierd and bumpy material) 32x32 -burberry socks -olive green nike dunklow pros -white and red minor threat tshirt (m) -mesh hat (secret brand) was listening to wutang gza liquid swords. (like whoa) went skateboarding, then showered and went on a returning spree rocking:
  11. c-walker..... post some recent PREACH shit if you got it. i know my man is killin it out there. BIG PREACH LOC. ITK*AE* and whats up by the way. hope all is rockin well for you guys. 8BIT.ITK.AE.
  12. man i had that same deck. i also had a vision psycho deck. that was my favorite. or my natas koupas deck. anyways, professor poopatronic if you got the stella mucho props man! drive it on by my till. later.
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