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  1. the war is over my ass! why do you hate me and the red dragon???
  2. fucking morningstar tomato basil burgers with feta cheese and tomato on a kaiser roll...yummm. your body doesnt need to eat animals!!!! http://www.masskilling.com/page/h-group.gif'> http://www.masskilling.com/page/a-turk.jpg'> dont do it!!!
  3. who the hell is that lady??? remember mr belvedere? i used to watch it every friday on tgif. there was a time in my life when these people looked normal to me... he was the best butler ever, he did the chores and helped all the kids with their stupid ass problems...what more could you ask for? http://www.sitcomsonline.com/photos/belvedereonline.jpg'>
  4. yeah zoobilee zoo!!! http://www.zoobileezoo.com/castsm2.jpg'> talkatoo the cockatoo was my favorite. http://www.zoobileezoo.com/Birdsm.jpg'>
  5. to all the ignorant white boys... this is by far the dumbest, most uneducated thread i have ever come across. how are you gonna start a thread about how ignorant you think black people are in the ways that (some of them) choose to name their children? its called a cultural difference and they exist between each and every culture in a million different ways. im assuming your not black, cause if you were i dont think youd be saying dumb shit like that about your own community. if you are, good luck in life. but since your probably not, how much would you bet that you accurately know about the black community. and i dont mean owning an nwa cd or using words that you think are hot shit but are actually old. and i also dont mean having any number of black friends who lead you to believe that you even remotely know whats going. because they couldnt possibly. not being part of a particular culture means just that. you dont know shit about why black people name their kids anything, whether it sounds dumb to you is completely arbitrary cause it has nothing to do with you. for you to sit there and talk about hating the way that some black people are named precious and latifa and tyrone shows how retarded you must be. you think black people dont wonder why white people name their kids suzy and charlie and billy? that shit sounds mad stupid too. but who gives a fuck??? the truth is that you dont know why and will never understand why black people do any of the things that they do if your not black. you might know, think your down, or whatever else. but face it, your not in the loop and never will be. so save your ignorant racist bullshit for the skinhead rally in northern PA next weekend and find something else to do with your time, cunt nugget.
  6. one more... want some on-campus meat? here you go! http://www.veganoutreach.org/whyvegan/images/PigsInFarrowingStall.jpg'> http://www.veganoutreach.org/whyvegan/images/ChickBeingDebeaked.jpg'> http://www.veganoutreach.org/whyvegan/images/deadsea.jpg'> sorry, that was too much.
  7. you better come to our place this summer. its on park avenue, right near broad and alleghany. yeah, orange line!!! its gonna be the shizznit. http://www.cornishlight.freeserve.co.uk/99-6images/caerhays.jpg'> yeah, its like that. park avenue bitches. wha-what!
  8. http://www.wildweather.com/gallery/images/icestorm-98-walk.jpg'> thats you strugglin to class today. it rained and sleeted here but didnt snow. its supposed to be cold and crappy all week.
  9. i did what you said and got to sleep in like 10 minutes last night. deep breathing and thinking about costa rica and listening to my own heart beat. thanks.
  10. my dream recently, i had a dream that i was on a public street and there were alot of people around. there might have been a riot going on, cause there was a lot of commotion and everyone was all over the place and there were things being thrown all over the street and small bonfires and shit. i was scattering around cause i didnt know what to do or where to go, but i knew that i had done something wrong. then there was this guy that i knew knew what i had done and he was some kind of cop or something in plain clothes. he was looking at me all weird and as i was trying to figure out what to do next as all these people ran around to my left and right, i started begging the man (da man???) not to turn me in, trying to convince him that what i had done wasnt that bad and to have mercy on me. he was a middle aged black guy and i just kept asking him "what would anyone get out of me going to jail? im your sister, why cant you just help me out???" he just looked back at me and took his walkee talkee off his belt, calling for back up and explaining to his partners what i had done, although i couldnt hear what he actually said. i started to run and got to an intersection where there were cops surrounding me. i turned around and saw the man, half smiling in cocky defeat, and knew that there were way too many cops around to get away from my apparent fate. and as the cops moved in closer to me from every side, i realized i was wearing this blue sweater that i havent been able to find for months... http://www.ericsfunnypictures.com/DogMotorcycle.jpg'>
  11. a real drag-on http://www.ruffryders2000.com/drag-on/images/photo1.gif'>
  12. http://www.scubabyte.com/images/307070.jpg'> http://www.scubabyte.com/images/dv056.jpg'> best be careful http://www.scubabyte.com/images/470603_photo.jpg'> http://www.rainforest-conservation.com/images/PhotoPage/1010_bosque_nubes_1.jpg'> postcards for everyone!http://www.amazonherp.com/images/riverscene.jpg'>
  13. i dunno if thats the same third guy...i thought he was light skinneded.. or had dreads...whatevs!!! haha. wheres all the good hip hop at??? im getting bored... this is about to be me. http://www.beach-net.com/surfprofiles/mikejohnston/mike6.jpg'> http://www.beach-net.com/surfprofiles/brianstoehr/bstoehrindo2.jpg'> http://www.beach-net.com/surfprofiles/edtimmons/ed3.jpg'>
  14. thats me. post-costa rica mang! http://us.ent4.yimg.com/movies.yahoo.com/images/hv/photo/movie_pix/miramax_films/rabbit_proof_fence/_group_photos/everlyn_sampi1.jpg'>
  15. now thats a real man. http://i.imdb.com/Photos/Ss/0313911/C-048.jpg'> pull up to my bumper baby!
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