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  1. lyke oh mah gawwd. a fire inside is totally hot dude.
  2. word has it. deliss has hte flu or something. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  3. i heard deliss has had dreams about a certain member. cough..roar..ahem. bye.
  4. post the newer dont's. liek the one with the fucking ravers with wings.
  5. i feel like going swimming. and bumping some fucking pop music.
  6. deliss is an undercover whore. and she looks like a slonkey. that's right a sloth and a donkey put together.
  7. deliss. she's the fucking whore. that's who. got beef ey
  8. iheartwaffle


    i'm not a lesbian i just like her. she's my desktop and winamp skin. what bitch. what.
  9. hollah pistol. ..i usually go to pinks at about 1am or so and there's always a mass amount of people stoned and drunk as fuck. crazy thugs.. whats all this voting thing going on in here.
  10. woah let's calm down here. no, I don't own air force ones. you're pretty funny. and my dad has cancer . and i wouldnt make a thread about it. see, i talk about things like this to real people as in not on the internet. and cancer vs. "girl problems" is different. "you know this is the second thread ive sseen you in trying to poke fun..."..... oh shit. regulate.
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