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  1. Ink http://www.monsterpress.ca/scott/tattoo/001.jpg'>
  2. If you love Vaughn Bode then you will love this very limited hand screen printed Cheech Wizard T-shirt! http://www.monsterpress.ca/scott/gigposters/cheech_wizard.jpg'> Custom 5 colour hand screen printed Cheech Wizard T-shirt. Only 10 were ever made and this is the ONLY one left. It is a XL heavy weight 10.1 ounce Black shirt. Quality clean print on a nice thick 100% pre shrunk cotton shirt. None of these shirt's have been sold, I have "traded" all of them off. Interested? drop me a line. Not interested? Cheers anyways!
  3. I mask off the digits. I don't go over old monikers. If your refering to that OX, you can still see it loogin! I paint in the day as much as possible. I don't have a video camera. I like to have someone in my flicks. No one should care.
  4. Re: Here's some more I'm not so stoked you posted those older trains of mine. I'm also a little creeped out that was your first post. Yeah Halo rocks. I got a few flicks of his fr8s. Perhaps I will post them someday, I guess.
  5. http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/avrilfoolio.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/brosgrim.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/canada_day.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/circus.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/floater.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/greenblocks.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/intermodual.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/marty26.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/noodle.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/pink.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/red.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/spade.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/tech.sized.jpg'> http://www.mbcfam.com/gallery/albums/kwiz_train_archive/yellow_red_stamp.sized.jpg'>
  6. BUMP. God damn! fr8hound the ruler.
  7. Berp. That dudes shoes look like feet. Trippy.
  8. Bump http://members.aol.com/unionpacificX/gyser.jpg'> It's all about the 3Ds that go back and in. bump.
  9. Meep Meep http://fototime.com/{576AA31A-AD8B-4EE1-A354-91529ED8731C}/picture.JPG'> Nice!
  10. Love it Thats the goods. Loving it.
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