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    the real siner is from LTS. the real super is from BA the real mark is from the west coast also. the real air is from the subways. the real oil is from coi. the only real in your family is 2 real Try again numb skulls. and for the record fuk u
  2. Sigh gets the all time biting achievment award" First of all he bit High's name. He ran with Felon's style. After a while he bit spel's S. Now he cant get off Geso's Scrotum. Therefore he is the undisputed King Of Biting. Yeah he paints a lot. So what He is Devouring other's styles
  3. Hey with a name like jakes 156 Your site will probably be the next to go. Get smart get informed get your ass off line. Oh by the way trains should be watched on main lines not on Monitors. So congratulations to the death of another graff site. Hopefully this one will bite the bullet next. Simply for the reason of too much 411 being released
  4. looks like a blended up sports bra then applied with some cheap paint. Or maybe onoroks blind brother did that
  5. Turn yourselves in Ok Mr. Hound why would you put shots of where you commit crimes. And let your roadies mention your town and area code. On top of that a writer spot light by himself. You are really trying too hard. The pieces are cool but to what extent are you exposing your surroundings. The art of Benching is seeing it in person not you making love to your scanner or digital camera. No offense nothing personal. A disgruntled rail afficionado
  6. How bout You Bake my ball bag and put it on your homo video
  7. Ok roadie keep my family out of this Its between you and I. So does your family know youre a loser and huffing and puffing on a graffiti board get a life partner
  8. Guess who guy. Maybe you need anger mgt. By the way my brother is cuter than my sister. How many albums do you have now
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